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FCC's Pai: I'd Approve a Bigger Comcast, But Rest of FCC Won't
by Karl Bode 12:26PM Friday Dec 06 2013
Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai tells the Wall Street Journal that the Obama administration would be unlikely to approve a Comcast takeover of Time Warner Cable. Pai appears to largely be speculating, suggesting that because the Obama administration blocked the clearly troublesome AT&T T-Mobile merger, they'd block any Comcast acquisition as well. His party, Pai insists, would approve such a deal.

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In the article the Journal quotes one of a seemingly-endless number of anonymous individual well-versed in these supposed cable mergers, who pours cold water on rumors that Comcast could do a joint acquisition bid to ease regulatory worries:
People close to the situation say that Comcast isn't likely to make the first move with a bid, instead waiting to see what Charter does. Charter, whose biggest shareholder is Liberty Media, has made at least two proposals to Time Warner Cable in recent months, both of which were rebuffed, say people familiar with the situation...Comcast has discussed working with Charter on a deal, the people say, although the companies aren't likely to make a joint offer, despite speculation on Wall Street to the contrary. It is still possible that Comcast won't do anything, one of the people said.
A lot of this still depends on just what kind of FCC boss Tom Wheeler will be; comments this week by the new boss cast some fresh doubt on how seriously the former wireless and cable-industry lobbyist will try to protect consumer interests. While Comcast and Time Warner Cable don't directly compete, regulators and consumer advocates already worry about the immense market power Comcast wields when they control vast swaths of media and content -- and the conduit to your home.

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Wilmington, DE

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Re: Too much pie

You're too successful Comcast. We want you to purposely stay the size you are because businesses are just too greedy now a days.....

This is the most insane thinking...it goes along with all of the nuts who whine about having to work on a holiday and wanting $15 / hour for a fast food job.

Comcast pays what they're required to pay in taxes. Punish the lawmakers not the business providing jobs. If they don't pay the taxes the law requires then someone isn't holding them accountable.