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Facebook Expands Free Wi-Fi Project
In Exchange for Yet Another Bit of Your Privacy
by Karl Bode 04:27PM Wednesday Jun 19 2013
Last fall we noted that Facebook was tinkering with the idea of offering people free Wi-Fi at select locations, if users were willing to check in there. Facebook has very quietly been expanding the offer since then, Wired pointing out that they're now offering the free Wi-Fi in cafes in Palo Alto and San Francisco and even now offer the functionality in a line of Cisco's Meraki routers. You are the product every time you log in to Facebook, so at least, as Wired notes, in this instance "Facebook Wi-Fi has the virtue of at least offering the user something valuable in return for (your) location."

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Madera, CA

No Thank You

Thanks but no thanks, I be happy to use my 3G connection. At least I won't have to give up any more privacy than I already do.

East Amherst, NY

Re: No Thank You

I agree privacy is a concern, however almost every app on your phone tracks you or slices and dices you some way. If people have a crappy signal or data limit issues, this type of service is going to be popular. People like "free".

Your 3G connection itself is already sold by your carrier, before you even put any apps on it

Cell phones more than any other device is like little breadcrumbs that people piece together your life and make money on it. Ultimately its probably to sell something to you which I am sorta ok because I can say no, but when the government starts using it to spy or collect data I worry, because when they come in guns blazing we can't say no. And the rules aka laws, change on a whim...