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Fairpoint Insists They're On Schedule. Really.
When done, New England users should see better coverage...
by Karl Bode 09:52AM Wednesday Sep 24 2008
Despite two significant delays, Fairpoint's CEO this week insisted the handover of Verizon's networks in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont is on target. You'd hope so, given they only just bumped the crossover target to January last week. Fairpoint's task isn't a small one as this interesting Telecom Online report indicates; the company has to consolidate 617 systems and a hundred individual databases into 60 integrated systems at one time. If all goes well, residents in those states should hopefully see broader DSL penetration:
Prior to the takeover, Verizon had only 16 percent availability of broadband access in the Northern New England properties that FairPoint purchased. Alternatively, FairPoint claims to have up to 92 percent of broadband penetration in its other legacy territories outside of New England.
Of course as was the concern during regulatory approval, the integration and improvement of existing systems could push this expansion onto a back burner. Fairpoint's currently paying Verizon $16 million a month to help operate these networks until they're up and running. But Fairpoint insists they're dedicated to a three-part infrastructure upgrade for New England customers: an IP/MPLS core network, a transport/aggregation network with 10 GigE rings and a last mile blend of ADSL2+, VDSL2, FTTH and even wireless technologies.

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I Went To The Dark Side?

Brierfield, AL


still not holding my breath.

Banks, OR

They've gotta be better than Verizon ...

Verizon has the same strategy here in the PNW as they do in New England: invest in providing FTTH to a portion of their territory, and not even provide basic DSL to the rest. Even other ILEC's are better at deploying widely (e.g., Qwest seems to do much better in lower-density areas in their territory), but VZ has focussed their broadband deployment exclusively on the highest-density urban and suburban areas.

If Fairpoint only does a deployment strategy that is closer to industry norm, that should be a significant improvement, compared to what Verizon is doing now in that territory.

Hingham, MA

Re: They've gotta be better than Verizon ...

Verizon's policy is mostly geared towards their higher population and denser core areas and doesn't adapt as well to their rural regions, so I agree with you on that point.

The big question is whether FairPoint Communications will have the financial resources to get its deployment plans through, or whether the expenses of the buyout will cause it to stumble and you get no expansion of any sort.



Fairpoint follies

On schedule? So where's the IPv6 connectivity that Verizon said would be deployed throughout North America by the end of 2008?



Fairpoint making a huge impact on Franklin County Maine

Fairpoint Recently started hooking up my county with an insane 30 mb down 15 mb upload fiber optic network and where I live is in Chesterville about 15 minute drive from Farmington and I'm being hooked up with a 30mb down 15mb up any day now.

they said expect the lines to be ready any day between october 1st and october 15th 2008..