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FiOS TV Hits Oregon
Prices, channels compared to Comcast
by Karl Bode 11:59AM Friday Dec 14 2007
Verizon has announced they've launched FiOS TV service in Oregon, bring the number of states where Verizon offers the service to thirteen. Verizon's marketing department is calling it "Liberation Day for Disgruntled Cable TV Customers." At the end of the third quarter, Verizon had 717,000 FiOS TV
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subscribers and more than 1.3 million FiOS Internet subscribers. The Oregonian breaks down the regional package differences between Verizon and Comcast:
Standard packages: Comcast charges $50.89 for about 70 channels; Verizon charges $47.99 for 200. (Both Comcast and Verizon charge local fees and taxes.)
Discount bundles: Verizon offers unlimited phone calls, high-speed Web access and cable TV for $104.99 a month with a two-year commitment. (There's a $199 fee if you cancel early.) Comcast charges $99 monthly for a similar deal, but monthly rates go up to $129.79 after a year.
Best features: Verizon has more channels, and more high-def, for less money. Comcast touts a big video-on-demand library (free to digital cable subscribers) and the Trail Blazers.
Added to this mix could be Qwest, who has so far been wishy-washy about IPTV deployment, but did recently sign a tv franchise agreement in Portland. As we noted when we obtained leaked internal VDSL launch material last August, Portland is one of the first launch markets for Qwest's repeatedly delayed FTTN/VDSL service.

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Shill H8r
Huntington Beach, CA

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Verizon must have misread the Comcast price sheet

Give them a few months to correct their low price. They did here where since introduction less than a year ago they've taken nearly a 15% increase in CATV and HSI rates.

My cable HSI bill which hasn't gone up is now lower than FiOS thanks to Verizon's price increase.
Help keep cable rates low; support "Big Cable" in their fight against the extortionists at the NFL Network!

china crisis



Verizon "cable" territory ??

Beaverton, OR

Re: picture?

That graphic comes from our local newspaper (the Oregonian). They've have had a few stories regarding FiOS that had strange wording and/or seemed inaccurate.

And for that matter, with the recent deal Verizon signed for Comcast Sports Net NW, the Blazers will be on both now.

I guess the Oregonian just wasn't on top of this story very well.

Banks, OR

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The Picture is a lie!!

Well I live in the shaded area. Not only isn't FIOS (or even DSL) available, but Verizon has told the regional franchising commission that FIOS will never be available here.

In fact, neither FIOS nor DSL is available in most of the shaded area in that pciture. FIOS itself is currently available in only a very, very, very small portion of the shaded area.
Burnt Out Cynic

I'll pass

I have the regulated $10 per month cable which basically is analog up to channel 30, which is just local channels, the discovery channel, and the other crap nobody ever watches however everyone pays for. The golf channel, who blackmailed who to keep that channel alive.....

Give me my a'la carte, I don't care about 200 channels when I might only watch 5 channels.

Al LaCart


Re: I'll pass

I could not agree more! 200 plus channels and STILL nothing worth watching. The same programs replayed over and over!

Portland, OR

Goofy article

Two things. . .

The article compares expanded basic cable with Verizon's basic package, but fails to mention that for $51.89 you get Comcast's basic digital package with about 167 channels.

The other is that Comcast offers more HD channels in this market and HD content in On Demand.


Beaverton, OR

Re: Goofy article

OnDemand...isn't that what a DVR's supposed to do?

People Suck.

Dover, DE

Re: Goofy article

said by rifleman69:

OnDemand...isn't that what a DVR's supposed to do?
No. DVR is for recording certain shows you want to see, or to pause/rewinf live tv.

On Demand gives you hundreds of choices...You would need 1 beefy DVR for all the content.

Parker, CO

Re: Goofy article

Or a home server that can record digital channels, they work wonderfully. Much better looking than the crap off BT and without the monthly DVR fee. I also cut out the commercials.
Listen Live at »sc7.shoutcaststreaming.us:8206/listen.pls


Vancouver, WA
Ha! Don't worry. I got your joke, and I thought it was funny.

Music Lover Forever
Beaverton, OR

No Thanks

At least for now.

I am satisfied with my satellite TV (through DirecTV).

I would appreciate FIOS, however, once it becomes available where I'm at.

Raleigh, NC

Is this out-of-territory for Verizon?

I thought Oregon was Qwest territory. Did Verizon pick up an independent carrier which had footprint there at some time?

Beaverton, OR

Re: Is this out-of-territory for Verizon?

Verizon has service areas to the west and east of Portland, but not in most of the city proper.

This area was GTE territory, so we've been with Verizon ever since it came into being.

Portland, OR

Re: Is this out-of-territory for Verizon?

Agreed. Qwest is the most predominant phone carrier within Portland. Outside of Portland is when you start reaching Verizon territory.

I had Qwest back when they didn't have NAT setup in SE Portland. 13 people would show up for a lan and all would have their own outside IP. Those were the good ole days.

Back on topic though, I would love fios. It would be hard to beat our current setup though because our apartments bundle with Comcast (so we get basic free and really only pay for our HSI). Currently we have dropped our verizon line all together and use our cells for phonecalls. If Verizon could offer anything higher then Comcasts current 6.5mb/384k, I'd make the switch.

I am also lookin for more HD channels without comcasts extra charge for an HD capable box. Currently I'm fine with OTA HD and downloaded HD content.

Stupid people really piss me off.
Erial, NJ
Nothing recent that I'm aware of. Been dealing with people in Oregon Verizon DSL for as long as I can remember.


Vancouver, WA
Oregon is kind of complicated, just as Washington State. Different parts of Oregon and Washington are served by different telcos. This was largely due to the GTE/US West acquisitions and subsequents splits.

For example, Portland is Qwest whilst Gresham is Verizon. Another example is that most of Vancouver is Qwest, whilst the eastern-most parts are served by Verizon. To further illustrate the ridiculousness, I'm literally two blocks from a Qwest central office, but my landline provider is Verizon.

We have to be different in the Northwest. LOL.

FiOS Customer


Where are all the HD channels

FiOS TV is waaay behind Direct TV in HD channels. The DVRs stink. If I did not have trees all around my house I would go with Direct TV instead!

Gresham, OR


Live in Gresham and already have FiOS Internet, can't wait to get rid of comcrap and get FiOS TV!

Poorly Representing MYSELF.


In Fairfax County, Va., where Verizon began offering FiOS TV about two years ago, the company has already raised rates twice. It now matches the rates that competitors Cox Communications Inc. and Comcast charge in parts of the county, according to Mitsuko Herrera, director of the communications policy and regulation division of the county's cable office.
Tout those lower prices now, expect the rates raised later. Programming costs. They are taking a bath to get the subscribers locked in for the two year contract.
In the end if its lower prices for consumers thats great.
But a spade is a spade.
CableTechs.org/"Horrible People with Integrity"

Rob A
Avoiding Opera 15
Pompton Plains, NJ


But what about my little corner of NJ?


Ridgewood, NY

Re: Great...

Nice, what about New York City "STATEN ISLAND" HELLO!!

Cat Scratch


Then, there is the rest of Oregon

I presently have the Verizon 3mb/768kb DSL setup here in southern Oregon. And for three years it's been pretty good, reliable and no big issues.

When Verizons' DSL service hit the southern coast, it took them nearly four years to move 15 miles inland so I could share in the 'high speed internet' and my town is the county seat!

As it is just this year, there is a fiber optic provider here in town and has a presence in three nearby towns and branching out as fast as they can. They have the triple play plan with phone/TV/symmetrical internet service. The basic internet speed starts out at 2Mbps, then steps up to 5, 7 and 10Mbps at $95 per month. A neighbor has the 10Mbps setup and usually gets close to 12Mbps. Symmetric no less, I've seen it in action and am jealous!

Charter was the ONLY game in town for cable service and it's nothing to write home about. No HSI at all, at least inland.

As for Verizon's FiOS here..? Maybe in 5 years.

De gustibus non est disputandum
Phoenix, AZ
·Cox HSI

Re: Then, there is the rest of Oregon

And out on the north coast we have to put up with Charter. It is such a sad, lame, loser company. Lousy signal no HD of Portland stations,and their internet website is a joke. They do have a great installer in Newport and their office staff seems friendly and helpful. I would not touch their internet service with a ten foot pole. Qwest DSL gives me the same stability although slower service, as I have in Phoenix, AZ.
My perception is REALITY

John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp

Re: Then, there is the rest of Oregon

Click for full size
This went on for miles and miles...
said by WiseOldBear:

And out on the north coast we have to put up with Charter.
And further up the coast, in Oceanside I have Embarq DSL that will be 10M right after the first of the year. I have the 5M package now and it has been solid and fast for years.

All of the Charter stuff is laying on the ground after the recent storms...
A is A

Independence, OR
I live in Independence and have Minet Fiber. Tv, phone and internet with 5 megs up/down. Couldn't be happier with the internet but the phone and tv are something a little less desirable. Especially tv with the program listing. I don't understand spanish and I don't see why I have to pay for spanish version of the same channel.

Ontario, CA

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Thank you Verizon

I just read about how Verizon will have Fios TV in the area of Oregon that I will be moving to.
Wow great timing Verizon!
I'll be moving to the Forest Grove / Hillsboro Oregon area sometime in 2009 because of work and the fact that SoCal is just to damn expensive of a place to live anymore.
This is great news!

fios rates

People are dumping fios after the first contract, rate increase is to extreme.

Thieves World


Not only TV but they upgraded their FiOS internet tiers.


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$64.99 thereafter

Tim R


about Fios and IPTV

you know all the telco company's get there lines from cable company's just like my cable company gets from a telco company then that telco company gets from time warner its funny how some of these telco company gets there internet speed and technology.