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First SuperBowl Stream Disappoints
Despite Piracy Gripes, NBC Doesn't Try Very Hard
by Karl Bode 12:34PM Tuesday Feb 07 2012
It's fairly amazing to realize that this year was the first time the Superbowl was streamed online, despite the significant spread of faster broadband (DOCSIS 3.0, FTTH). However, the reviews of NBC's effort weren't particularly good, with users complaining of very poor stream quality, lag, and limited viewing options in the age of interactive Internet video. Chrome users couldn't get the Silverlight player to load whatsoever. Users who watch the Superbowl for the ads and halftime show didn't see either watching NBC's stream, since they somehow failed to get the appropriate licensing in place. In short, because NBC (already a decade late on this stuff) didn't try very hard, users who pirated the stream got a more complete experience than those who didn't. Cue Mark Cuban, who'll now insist this is all simply because Internet video can never work.

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