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Forbes: Don't Believe The Things Coming Out of Sprint's Mouth
by Karl Bode 11:44AM Monday Dec 30 2013
Forbes takes a look at the growing list of things that have come out of Sprint's corporate mouth (particularly CEO Dan Hesse) that increasingly aren't true. From Sprint's denial of any interest in Clearwire or their spectrum, to the company's promise they wouldn't leave their Kansas headquarters, Forbes proclaims that Sprint was already fast and loose with the facts, but they've gotten worse after being acquired by SoftBank. Exhibit A would of course be Sprint's sudden interest in acquiring T-Mobile, after spending millions and years fighting AT&T's attempted T-Mobile takeover, insisting to anyone who'd listen the wireless industry needed four healthy, major competitors to remotely claim itself competitive.

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Waterford, MI

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reply to cb14

Re: I've Said It Before

said by cb14:

Softbank/Sprint have to get rid off T-mobile ASAP. Without that, they are going into chapter 11. For ATTea and Verizon, TMO is a big nuissance. For Sprint,TMO is a disaster.

I think you nailed it. This has been on my mind, as well.

It's really the only thing that makes sense. TMO has little coverage outside the areas that Sprint has coverage, so it's certainly not footprint. The technologies are incompatible, anyway. Being in the middle of their own network upgrade, I'm hard put to see how they'd expect to convert T-Mobile towers over to NV CDMA towers in a decent time-frame. Hell, they're not even keeping up with their NV schedule.

Only answer is: Eliminate a competitor who, by doing what they used to do, is eating their lunch.

If this is what's happening: They're dreaming if they think regulators won't figure it out. "at&t" is far better at baffling with BS than Sprint, and they couldn't pull it off.

Hopefully, if true, TMO has arranged for a nice breakup fee again. The cash infusion, when this, too, goes south, will be nice for TMO and its customers



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From the stories of mismanagement...

Sounds to me like T-Mobile should take over Sprint. Yes they are smaller, but the current management of TMUS is competent and executing the network overhaul with vigor. Everything is on schedule. I keep seeing more refarmed 3G. Relatives keep seeing more LTE.

Even EDGE coverage feels more reliable now, dont know why. Calls sound better.



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reply to jseymour

Re: I've Said It Before

I agree, Sprint has been a clusterf*ck for years, and I've been saying the same thing for awhile. I really hope that for some reason they aren't allowed to acquire and ruin T-mobile.