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Forget 4K TV Hype, Here Comes 8K TV Hype
by Karl Bode 12:35PM Friday Nov 15 2013
Sure, 4K hasn't even arrived in the States, remains woefully over-priced for most of us mere mortals, and offers improvements that may not even be noticeable to Joe consumer. That doesn't mean it's too early to hype 8K, right? Filmmaker Magazine notes that Japanese broadcaster NHK has started preliminary 8K broadcast experiments, and have commissioned filmmakers to make short films showcasing the ultra-ultra-high def technology.

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Some of NHK's floral marketing language used to describe the standard gets fairly amusing. For example:
8K (Super Hi-Vision) is a system that considers the particular characteristics of human vision to make audience experience an effective and efficient sense of both immediacy and reality – it’s as if the audience is viewing real objects, thus it is said to be the ultimate 2D TV. The 8K resolution covers almost the entire range of vision (induced visual field) which influences the human grasp of spatial coordinates.
NHK insists they're planning to start more fully testing the 8K format in 2016 and intends to broadcast the first 8K signal in 2020.

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Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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reply to buzz_4_20

Re: Waiting to hear...

720p: Yes!
1080p: Awesome!
4k: Cool, I guess
8k: WTF?


Limestone, ME

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reply to jmn1207

Would make sense. All the Blocking and Compression artifacts would at least look plaid

Ashburn, VA

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reply to buzz_4_20

Perhaps they will refer to this as Ludicrous HD?