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Fox Also Now Ingeniously Blocking GoogleTV From Accessing...Ads
As Fox joins Google TV block, Hulu closes Fancast loophole
by Karl Bode 09:13AM Friday Nov 12 2010
The broadcast industry's ingenious plan to block Google TV browsers from accessing their advertisements continues. This week found Fox joining other broadcasters in preventing GoogleTV owners from accessing their content. The only explanation we've seen Fox give is an anonymous suggestion that Fox thought GoogleTV's footprint was "too small," which makes little to no sense, given any additional browser ad views is a good thing. Hulu is also of course blocking Google TV for some misguided reason, though for a while users were able to get around this block by changing their browser user agent and accessing the content through Comcast's Fancast portal. Hulu now appears to have closed that loophole somehow. None of these actions are driven by logic, they're driven by irrational fear that new technology will disrupt old business models -- and that somehow evolution can be stopped by brute force.

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