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Free Google Wi-Fi Coming to Malls
As Boingo and Google Expand Their Relationship
by Karl Bode 06:43PM Wednesday Aug 22 2012
In addition to free Wi-Fi in Kansas City, at airports, in New York City Parks and at their Mountain View campus, Google now says they're teaming up with Boingo to offer free Wi-Fi at a number of malls across the country. Google's partnership with Boingo already brings free Wi-Fi to six New York subway stations and more than 200 Manhattan hotzones, and the companies are about to expand that coverage to include eight malls and 16 airports in major cities, including Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. At airports, users will see a fifty percent discount on 24-hour access if they sign up for Google Offers.

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Snohomish, WA

Sea-tac already has free wi-fi

maybe that why they are aiming for our malls I suppose it appeals to the shop o holics to get more ads ) "it's like beenin' on the shoppin' channel LIVE! "

for me it's yet another reason to skip the mall.



Re: Sea-tac already has free wi-fi

ok and ?
Expand your moderator at work



Non-starter in airports

As those won't be free, regardless of any discount. Airports charge a hefty premium for Boingo's physical access, and with carriers putting LTE in airports, even hard core travelers will be hard pressed to pay for wifi now.

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..

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Holyoke Mall already has various hotspots

Holyoke Mall (Holyoke, MA) already has various Wi-Fi hotspots courtesy of various merchants. Apple Store, Starbucks, McDonalds, Ruby Tuesday, and others have Wi-Fi that can be picked up pretty much anywhere in the mall. If I open up certain apps on my iPhone, it picks up 6 or 7 different hotspots (some secure and some not) at any given point in the mall.

I always hit "cancel" and just use my phone on Verizon's cellular network as hotspots have questionable security. I have since disabled the ask to join new networks and it automatically uses the VZW network unless I manually select a network or it recognizes a known network (such as my home network).
I wish I still lived in Iowa; Everything there from rent and groceries to Cable TV is much cheaper in Iowa (especially with an overbuilder in town).


Houston, TX

... and which malls and airports will get them?

The linked article is pretty light on specifics. These are very big cities with many malls and some have more than one airport. It would be nice to get some more details.


Douglasville, GA

never fails

10 different wireless routers in the mall, all on channel 6