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FreedomPop Apologizes For WiMax iPod Sleeve Delays
Offers a Free Mobile Hotspot With 2 GB of Free Data
by Karl Bode 08:02AM Friday Jun 28 2013
FreedomPop says the $99 sleeve they planned to offer that turns the iPod Touch into a WiMax-enabled phone continues to see delays at the FCC. In the meantime, they're offering users who pre-ordered the device a few olive branches. FreedomPop stated in January that the sleeve was seeing delays in testing at the FCC due to a unique antenna configuration that lays the WiMAX radio directly on top of the iPhone's existing cellular radio, something that apparently stumped FCC engineers. To make up with users who pre-ordered the sleeves, FreedomPop is offering them a FreedomPop Photon mobile hotspot with 2 GB of free data with the potential of getting a free sleeve as well. As of January, FreedomPop had complained that the delay had already cost the company in excess of $500,000.

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