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FreedomPop Signs Clearwire Deal
Guarantees Second Half 2012 Launch
by Karl Bode 12:20PM Wednesday Feb 15 2012
Created by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström, hopeful-pesky-upstart FreedomPop planned to use wholesale access to the LightSquared network to offer a new tier of wireless services include a free basic offering. With LightSquared all but officially dead, the company recently stated they were looking for a new home for their free-centric new phone service. They appear to have found that home with Clearwire, both companies announcing a wholesale arrangement today with absolutely no useful details. FreedomPop still isn't offering full pricing for its services or clarifying their "freemium" model, but they "guarantee" that the service will launch in the second half of this year.

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Las Vegas, NV

launch with what?

Wimax or TD-LTE?

Canonsburg, PA

Re: launch with what?

Maybe both, but long term probably LTE. The ITU should put WiMAX out of its misery by offering to merge WiMAX 2 into TD-LTE.


Utica, MI
Clearwire wont have a LTE network to speak of by the second half of this year, so I'd bet on the first devices being Wimax, and sucking as much as Sprint's currently do.


Yeah right

That's going to work real well. Clear's coverage is just a bunch of little islands. The only reason that works is that basically everyone using it is through Sprint, so they fall back on Sprint EVDO.

Baltimore, MD


The tower that my clear home modem connects to drops you from 6Mbs to less then 2Mbs after 2 gigabytes worth of downloading"thats after it was unplugged for months" then all the way own to .75 Mbs after 4 gigabytes.Sure cant wait to see what happends when more people clog up that tower.

Toledo, OH

Re: fantastic.

and that's why it says "no download limit" on speed. and no "up to".

But i've seen some markets that don't cap and have you do what you want. I've used well over 30 gigs in a month with no problem on Clear. No drops in speed or anything.

Baltimore, MD

Re: fantastic.

You sound alot like the shill jawahoo that would come on to clears forum and post his nice speeds against thousands of other people who were getting .70mbs DL speeds for months on end.At least he was getting paid to do it whats your excuse?



Re: fantastic.

Yes ... the stories are rare ... but being also a CLEAR Home user ... I have also had great success with CLEAR.

Location ... location ... location ...

If you have happen to have a tower with little traffic ... you will not get throttled ... plain and simple.

I used to average 3 to 6 Mbps ... lately I have been getting 5 to 8 Mbps. I think folks have dropped off Clear/Sprint. Works for me




This could be great if done correctly look how long Netzero and your free dial up services lasted... this is in that same boat... I also have clear home and now that they have done away with LTC's I have no problem with the Month to month service I to often pull 5-8mb with no throttling and I have google tv a computer I pad and android phones all running on it and my girlfriend is a NETFLIX feind and I am a music nut