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FreedomPop Starts Offering 'Roll Over' Data
$3.50 Fee Lets You Hoard 500MB Each Month
by Karl Bode 08:28AM Friday Mar 15 2013
Upstart MVNO FreedomPop this week announced that the company has started letting users roll over un-used data from month to month, something traditionally avoided like the plague by industry players. There are, as always, caveats. You'll need to pay $3.50 a month for the honor of storing up to 500 MB each month -- up to a maximum of 20 GB to be stored in a vault for a later date. It's a unique way for the cost conscious to save up their bits for a trip or a rainy day. "30% of FreedomPop’s users have opted into this value-added service within the first 24 hours it’s been live," the company claims in an e-mail.

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Gloucester, ON

Storage fee for storage...

So lemme get this sraight, yes I see a nice "gift" here with some limitations 9Still better then others out there) My biggest beef is...

Didn't they already PAY for this data, so now, it's a storage fee for storage?

Wow... Coming and going!

Reading, PA

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Re: Storage fee for storage...

FreedomPop offers free data (500MB for mobile, 2GB for home), so no, people did not already pay for the data.



really wish freedompop would have dealt with t-mobile

i would love to see something similar, although perhaps without the gimmicky 'free' marketing, just $3.50 a month for rollover data) offered as a GSM SIM card instead of being tied to a wimax device. it would be really great to pay $3.50 a month each for a few data only sim card i could put into whatever phones or tablet i am currently playing around with. i could see myself with 4 or 5 sim 2 or 3 of which are collecting data for later usage at any given time.

Honey Brook, PA

think about it

internet providers are running out of ways to rip money off off their customers like charging for going over their cap, now charging for roll over storage. when will this end soon other internet isp's will offer roll over and charge a storage fee in order to pull money in.

On The Road

Well, since you got it free..

you get some free each month without paying anything. And yes, they did pay for the data. But they would loose it each month too. So, they are getting screwed with the 500M for 2.50 or 3.50. They can elect into or out of that.

Norman, OK


wish AT&T would do this then I would NEVER run out of data in times I really need it lol



$2.50 or $3.50

Karl, The subtitle says 2.50 but the story text says 3.50 for this service.

Karl Bode
News Guy

Re: $2.50 or $3.50

Should be $3.50. Thank you.

Santa Monica, CA


While I know a few folks whose usage patterns might make this work, I can't see very many wanting to do the math and accounting, versus the assurance of a 10GB monthly allotment or the simplicity of the "free" GB plus $10/GB overages.


Bronx, NY

Can Freedompop go tri state(NJ,NY & CT)

Thats all I need and I would be one of their new customers.

Manchester, CT

Re: Can Freedompop go tri state(NJ,NY & CT)

I can get it here in CT, just east of Hartford...


Bronx, NY

Re: Can Freedompop go tri state(NJ,NY & CT)

good to know but they don't seem to be true true Trisate(they miss most of NJ)

Broomall, PA

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Coverage map

According to the Coverage map
I am in the light green zone.
What does the Light Green mean vs Dark Green?
Will I be able to get Signal in the house with a portable Freedom Spot as its called? What frequency does this service use?

Fort Mill, SC

not quite free

I live just outside coverage area and paid the $99.00 upfront for the device, but rarely use it because the coverage stops one town away from me.
However FP now hit my credit card with $6.95 per month for their free service...