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by Revcb 07:13PM Friday Feb 17 2012

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Lost today

Wireless Spectrum BS.

Not a win for consumers just more lining of the pockets.25 billion will be pissed away in 4.5 seconds. By the time anything is done with this it will have change hands so many time's the cap will be 250mb for a year of service and that will be throttled.



Re: Wireless Spectrum BS.

All it did is go from one entity to another, consumers didn't benefit at all, unless you call price gouging beneficial.

united state

Re: Wireless Spectrum BS.

Tommorow executives get a 25 billion bonus.........

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

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More spectrum straight to the massive incumbents ensuring their dominance and the lack of competition in our future.

Wow, it's getting completely out of control!
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini


Kansas City, MO

Them, "we gave those pesky citizens White spaces (radio), now lets make some short term cash to help the private companies that bribe us."

West Tenness
It's a win for at&t and Verizon. Also a win for DirecTV and Dishnetwork. By killing off OTA TV you're going to force those stubborn 10%-15% that dare get network TV for free from an antenna to subscribe.
Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
Oh look more spectrum to get auctioned off and then sit unused in Verizon and AT&T ownership.

How is it being unused by the telcos any different than the TV people not using it other than the FCC getting a bunch of money.
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Canyon Country, CA

Are they going to give everyone new TVs?

How will this work to preserve ubiquitous free television? Will we have gatekeepers everywhere? Will we be able to ever watch without being tracked? This sucks. I'm glad I'm old.

West Tenness

Re: Are they going to give everyone new TVs?

said by DaveRickmers:

How will this work to preserve ubiquitous free television? Will we have gatekeepers everywhere? Will we be able to ever watch without being tracked? This sucks. I'm glad I'm old.

A) this bill has nothing to do with preserving free TV.

B) I'm not sure where you get that one needs a new TV.

Brighton, MA

Re: Are they going to give everyone new TVs?

or even needs tv to begin with.


Canyon Country, CA
Broadcasters will adopt MPEG 4 or H264 or etc. to reduce bandwidth requirements; this will require new TVs for some people, or converters for the converters they gave us a few years ago.

I get a cable ready ClearQAM pkg from Time Warner. It doesn't track my viewing nor threaten to apply algorithms to my behavior patterns. If I lived in range of TV towers I'd get rid of the cable altogether.

Ubiquitous free news media, coupled with competent journalism, is rapidly fleeting. The radio is lucky nobody wants their spectrum.

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Telcos in Canada: Ethics, monopolies and regulation

The writer of the Register article makes the role of the regulatory agency sound wonderful ... Reality is a far different thing.

The role of the CRTC is to design regulation and administer the regulations created under the directions of the Dept of Industry Minister and the Heritage Minister to implement the laws of the Telecommunications act, with the intention of providing Canadians with effective and affordable telecommunications and broadcast industry.

Instantly you see problem 1 ... the CRTC is not only responsible for the technical aspects of communications and broadcasting but also content ... and trying to do the work of the Competition Bureau with regard to the vertical integration taking place.

Problem 2 soon follows ... every governmental agency at every level of Canadian government sees "complaint re a telecomms provider" even if the problem is even unethical business practices that fall under their jurisdiction will attempt to pass off the problem to the CRTC (and now the CCTS) or the Competition Bureau (who routinely in turn pass off complaints landing on its desk to the CRTC.

Problem 3 ... The CRTC is stacked with ex industry executives, so the public has little faith they will do as mandated and act for the benefit of Canadians and not for the benefit of Canadian corporations. A lot of "golf" seems to be played so a lot of decisions appear to be decided before they actually get to the processes whcih essentially limit debate.

Problem 4 ... The Telecomms act is so general they can essentially walk all over the world until they get in trouble with the Ministers (as happened last year with the UBB fiasco and Tony Clement - then Industry Minister.

Problem 5 ... The processes to get complaints before the commission are just too complex for a lot of the problems

Problem 6 ... The CRTC and the CCTS are wet noodle operations ... they generally have little powers of enforcement ... there are no "teeth" to the regulatiosn.