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Friday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:33AM Friday Aug 12 2011

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Glen Head, NY

So much news!

The poor smartphone voice performance is no surprise. I still carry a Motorola V360 for voice and use an iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2 WiFi version for data. I just cannot stomach having a Swiss Army type phone.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.

Landing is the REAL challenge
Columbus, OH

Re: So much news!

Actually it is more a case of the newer phones are using newer more crappy bandwidth efficient codecs to squeeze in more calls on a tower. I bet if you pick up a newer dumbphone you'll get the same or similar results. Both my current phone (A Motorola/Verizon Droid) and my previous one (Sprint Motorola Q9C) had the ability to go in and change the voice codecs as I liked and in both cases immediately went back to the older codec and had much clearer call quality. Unfortunately most people don't realize you can do this. And the cell company/tower can take preference on what codec is used and override your setting. But it certainly isn't the phone, just the codec the cell companies force on you.
I swear, some people should have pace-makers installed to free up the resources. Breathing and heart beat taxes their whole system, all of their brain cells wasted on life support.-two bit brains, and the second bit is wasted on parity! ~head_spaz

Des Plaines, IL

what is att plan to roll out IPv6 modems?

what is att plan to roll out IPv6 modems?
united state

Re: what is att plan to roll out IPv6 modems?

You'll find out in 7-8 years

said by Tom Siracusa, Exec Dir AT&T Labs :

users will take a five-phase approach to migrate to IPv6