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Friday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:33AM Friday Nov 02 2012

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Newburgh, NY

BitTorrent Pirate Ordered to Pay $1.5 Million Damages

Finally! A case brought for copyright infringement with SOME REAL evidence! The actual product that found its way onto BitTorrent could actually and unarguably be traced back to this particular users account. YAY! I'm sure that some will argue that it still doesn't prove that the account holder was the person that made the material available, but frankly, If he failed to safeguard access to his account, shame on him. THIS is the kind of evidence that copyright holders should be REQUIRED to produce, not vague pointing at IP addresses.
Isn't it sad that those that raise their right hand and swear "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America" are usually the ones most likely to trash it.