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Friday Morning Links
Happy Mayan Apocalypse Day!
by Revcb 07:58AM Friday Dec 21 2012

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Bronx, NY


Last day before we break for vacation! Video game time!
A man must have a code -Bunk

West Tenness

With Clearwire's Spectrum, Sprint Can Disrupt U.S. Wireless

Not if they continue to ignore areas outside the big cities.

Milford, CT

Online games shut out US sex offenders...

Yes, because it's not like there's anyone on the sex offender registry who isn't a danger to others...


Everett, WA
·Future Nine Corp..

Re: Online games shut out US sex offenders...

Actually there are many who aren't a threat. Here in Snohomish County of Washington State, if your neighbor sees you urinating in your back yard and they report you, you can be tagged as a sex offender. Apparently our prudish lawmakers here don't understand that draining your bladder is not necessarily a sexual act.

Aside from that, I do know other instances where people are wrongfully on that registry due to the vindictiveness of disapproving parents of their daughter's chosen lover.

Tavistock NJ

RE:Behind closed doors at the UN's attempted "takeover of t

»arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2012 ··· nternet/

Despite some claims that the ITU(and UN) didn't want a takeover of the Internet, this writeup showed it surely did plan a takeover. It didn't entirely succeed in this endeavor, but it did make some inroads showing that an unfettered internet in the international arena is on life support. Russia, China, Arab nations and many dictatorships will split the internet up one way or another.

But, for now at least, the push by the EU and some others to make content companies pay to gain access to their country's internet is delayed. For how long, who knows.
A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury.

Merry Christmas »goo.gl/Y2AEF

El Paso, TX

Re: RE:Behind closed doors at the UN's attempted "takeover

said by FFH5:

Despite some claims that the ITU(and UN) didn't want a takeover of the Internet, this writeup showed it surely did plan a takeover.

There was never a doubt in my mind that this was the plan, all the "leaked" data showed this was the case all along. It was also true that European telcos used this opportunity to try to get big piles of cash from successful internet companies.

It does look very scary, but i don't think they stand a chance.
Right now the only real way to control the internet is trough the incumbents who control the last mile and by controlling backbones.
It's fairly easy to control the internet if you control those two, specially the last mile.

I believe the next step is to take out the incumbents out of the equation completely by using a technology that replaces the "last mile" that the incumbents control with a technology that is user controlled, much like their own LAN and WiFi networks are.
Basically, a WiFi technology equivalent for the last mile.

I have good reasons to believe that this will be the case. The technologies needed for this to happen are advancing very quickly and will start converging in consumer devices that are as cheap as a WiFi router.

Once the internet becomes truly decentralized and ubiquitous, things like censorship will be even harder to implement than they are right now.