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Friday Morning Links
by Revcb 08:01AM Friday Feb 15 2013
FCC Should Ignore AT&T's Bullying []
Some broadband is better than others, like fiber and …. satellite! []
Virgin board sued over “unfair” Liberty sale []
Contracts? We don't need no stinking contracts! []
LightSquared keeps control over Chapter 11 case []
Don't Be Fooled: "Six Strikes" Will Undoubtedly Harm Open Wireless []
Skype calls now equivalent to one-third of global phone traffic []
Lawmakers Reintroduce Online Sales Tax Legislation []
Obama: Technology Will Save the Country []
Targeted Hacking Forces a New Reality on Antivirus Companies []
The Browser Wars Go Mobile []

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Chesterfield, MO

Some broadband better than others...

Regarding ATT, do they actually tell you the speed you will get? Whenever I see their ads they seem to always use "up to" verbiage. Does the FCC then rank them based on the "up to" number?

I'm not defending ATT here but since they seem to be toward the bottom of the rankings. Is that because they are truly advertising speeds they never deliver or interpretation by those creating the charts?

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

Obama: Technology Will Save the Country

..not if we continue to let the huge telecoms have their way.
Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

Re: Obama: Technology Will Save the Country

it is too bad the big telecoms are one of the primary shareholders of the US Government.
[65 Arcanist]Filan(High Elf) Zone: Broadband Reports