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Friday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:18AM Friday Apr 19 2013

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Mr Anon


Apple take all smartphone growth...

So their stocks are heading south because they are market leaders. Got it!

Why does ever other place have a different statistic?


Clinton Township, MI

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Dish: Our offer for Sprint is better 'for national security'

And Softbank is better for consumers. Whats your point Dish? And you any better for NS? Gee, where are those hoppers built? Where are your call centers (all of them) located? I hope Sprint doesn't drink some stupid juice and take these idiots up on it's offer. Bad news all around.


Clinton Township, MI

Senate edges closer to vote on Internet sales tax

People will just buy overseas. Companies will setup in, lets say Mexico. This will solve nothing. It will only create more issues. I assume congress will think short term, this will do nothing, but long term, people will come around. Nope. We will just buy from overseas. Now, had they said they would impose 1% on all sales online (regardless where the product comes from) and that 1% would go to help the arm of govt that overseas such areas, that might be more of a doable and understandable plan. Not that anyone would like it but it would create a nightmare and lots of infighting between states. JMO


Re: Senate edges closer to vote on Internet sales tax

In Canada, there is a federal sales tax, so everyone pays regardless of where you live. If you order from outside the country, that add the tax in customs and you need to pay it when you pick up the item or it gets delivered.

I've always been surprised that it doesn't work like that in the USA.

Re: Senate edges closer to vote on Internet sales tax

Federal sales taxes are inevitable as we continue spending like drunken monkeys. If we can't cut spending or squeeze more from income, then we will end up with a consumption tax on top of everything else. I'll slow our economy even more, but unless we make hard choices on spending cuts, I believe some sort of VAT is on its way.