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by Revcb 08:27AM Friday Feb 07 2014

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Grayson Peddie

Tallahassee, FL

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Re: Radio's Future - Broadcast or Streaming?

I really don't care about cars at all, but I found it interesting why people would want to go with Pandora or Spotify. Me? I love to listen to Live365 and I have the following presets:

•Analog Voyage
•CoolWaters Radio
•Golden Oak (Celtic)
•Magical Balance
•Mouse House Radio
•Mouse Radio
•Music for the Spirit
•New Age Rhythm
•Radio Buena Vista
•Smooth Jazz Interlude (non-vocal, which I like)
•The Dream Catcher
•Twilight Radio
•Zephyr Planet
•MouseWorld Radio 1
•MouseWorld Radio 2
•MouseWorld Radio 3

It's a lot, but Pandora does not come close to Live365 as just about 6 radio stations have Disney theme park music (Mouse*/Radio Buena Vista) and I'm a VIP member paying $71/year. One station that I had in my preset is nu-Jazz Lounge, but I wanted something with no vocals but still play downtempo/chill.

New preset added: Symphonic Masters, Yimago Radio 4, Easy Listening Radio, and a couple of others, but I'm trying to find something that is based in playlist (does not have to be Disney, but I'm not sure what genre it's based in):

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqYTSaFW ··· oDFu8Nwp

Well, I guess I can find some similar radio stations in Pandora if I exclude Disney theme park music.


cyber gutter

arizona school article

Interesting when I clicked the link, the message on the azcentral site said "cookies must be enable to view articles on azcentral.com".
I have cookies enabled, but not for third party cookies.

I then copied the link and removed the, ?&nclick_check=1 ,Which allowed me to see the article.
working link:
»www.azcentral.com/news/politics/ ··· and.html
After using the short link, without the part after the question mark, I could now use the full link posted on DSLreports.
Testing by opening a new browser window and then using firefox 'private browsing mode' , using the full dslreports link, and I get the enable cookies", again.
Also same in Opera browser.

Getting real tired of these piss-ass sites and their 'enable your third party cookies, so our shady advertisers can better track your ass across the Internet".
I delete cookies on browser close and I may also clear cookies during longer periods of surfing.
When peasants own the government, there is freedom. When the government owns the peasants, there is tyranny
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Grayson Peddie

Tallahassee, FL

Re: arizona school article

Web developers are getting dumber these days. Hah.

(Laughing at myself for what I've written...)