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Frontier Says Cable Hasn't Matched Their Lower Cost DSL Offer
by Karl Bode 02:25PM Thursday Nov 07 2013
According to Frontier Communications earnings report, the company added 26,800 new broadband customers last month, and 84,500 new net broadband customers in the last nine months -- in large part thanks to a new "$20" DSL promotion being run by the company. As noted in March when it launched, the $20 deal requires you sign up for a $30 to $40 copper POTS line you may not actually want. The company's sales pitch for the offer comes via "Frank the Buffalo," a "straight talking American icon."

In their earnings call, Frontier said the growth was thanks to the "simplicity and consistency" of their new DSL offers; offers CEO Maggie says cable so far hasn't bothered to match:
“We really haven’t seen any sustainable programs that cable has put against us in the market and we do know that several cable operators have said they’re going to do more in those areas. We are very well prepared for that. We are giving everyday low pricing to the customer that’s simple and predictable and there are no add-on fees or modem rental costs."
Time Warner Cable recently stated they'd be focusing harder on taking market share from DSL providers after their feud with CBS eroded subscriber numbers substantially last quarter. Still, cable operators likely aren't losing sleep -- Frontier doesn't offer TV services and has struggled to offer next-generation speeds to the vast majority of the company's footprint.

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Chesterfield, MO

A Buffalo?

Isn't something a bit older on the evolutionary curve warranted? Obviously it depends on where you live but I question whether or not DSL is competitive with cable at any price.

Karl Bode
News Guy

Re: A Buffalo?

Yeah, of all the animals to choose for a company that wants to be seen as fast, cutting edge, and adaptive.....



Re: A Buffalo?

Frontier doesn't offer TV services
FYI Frontier sells DishNetwork

Phoenix, AZ
I pay $19.99/mo to CenturyLink without a POTS line for this:

So yes, DSL can be competitive with cable "for any price"

The fact that i get this speed 24/7 without fluctuations that i received on cable (even on DOCSIS 3), makes dealing with CenturyLink 10x better than any cable company i've used.

Cortland, NY

Re: A Buffalo?

You are the only person I know of happy with CL. Everyone else I know that uses them (granted into only 70 of so coworkers)..hates them



Re: A Buffalo?

Happiness with CL depends on the area. Most people (like myself and brad152 See Profile) in a Qwest FTTN area are happy. But it's clear that most in other areas are getting a poor deal (congestion, poor speed offerings, etc.).

Chesterton, IN

Don't care...

I don't care... I have 50 meg in a comcast / frontier served area... frontier doesn't even offer it to me since I'm at the end of the loop. Comcast actually has offered better support than Frontier/Verizon...

Monroe, MI

$10 Fee To Cancel?

Isn't this the same outfit that buried in the fine print that it costs $10 to cancel service?

Karl Bode
News Guy

Re: $10 Fee To Cancel?


»Frontier Starts Charging $10 Disconnection Fee

I gave her time to steal my mind away
San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC

Cororate Ivory Towers

Charter CEO Tom Rutledge is "surprised" by the number of customers opting to take Internet broadband service only. Frontier CEO Maggie Wilderotter claims cable Internet can't beat her DSL prices.

Corporate management needs to come down from their Ivory Towers and visit the real world.
~Oh Lord, why have you come
~To Konnyu, with the Lion and the Drum



Re: Cororate Ivory Towers

They are all living in their own fantasy worlds, where the only thing that matters is this quarter's earnings. Additionally, it is their jobs to make the picture sound shiny and rosey for investors.

I'm sure in a small percentage of cases, the only thing that matters is inexpensive service, though it more likely that the quality and quantity need to be balanced with cost.

One day we as a civilization will come to grips with needing to sometimes take the hard road to maintain long term viability. Until then, cheaper is better, today's profits are all that matter, and people are ignorant, disposable ants.

Columbus, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
·Insight Communic..

"Frontier Says Cable Hasn't Matched Their Lower Cost DSL Offer"

"Frontier Says Cable Hasn't Matched Their Lower Cost DSL Offer"

Of course Cable hasn't matched.. Cable actually offers it's customers speeds faster than 3mb... and guess what? you can get the "lite" plan at most cable companies for around $20 a month (at least with Time Warner) and get 1 down.. and no requirement to bundle a $40 land line with it..

For that $50 you pay "Frontier" you can get 10-15 down / 1-2 up with most cable providers -- Would love to see Frontier match that

Not terrible

A lot of people don't need more than 6 Mbps dsl. Probably overlaps somewhat with the group that still wants their POTS line. $50 for the combo would probably attract a fair number of customers. $40 would be very successful. AT&T was charging me around $60 for POTS alone (in a non dsl area) before I dumped it.
Unicorns Show ponies Where's the beef?



But will POTS really be $30-40 dollars?

POTS has so many below the line fees, the sheer number of them is far above any of the other options. Finding out what they would be before signing up is practically impossible. I'd tack on at least another $15 dollars. Want caller-ID, that will be another $10/mo! Don't forget the long distance charges and the extra telemarketing and political robocalls that you will receive with a POTS line.

Snohomish, WA

And Cable can't match...

...frontier's crap low speeds, pathetic customer service, or crumbling pots network, either.

Frontier, we're really good at being bad. so bad!



ya but cable speeds are alot faster then your slow crap!!!

You know frontier at lease that cable can blow away the speed vs your slow .09 to 3meg service.... So better watch out what you say because it will come back and bite you in the rear!!!

Heck TWC offers 14.99 for upto 2meg down and upto 1meg service so Frontier try to match the price and speed!!!


$29 FiOS

You may not want that $30 pots bundle, but the deal is an extra $10 for dry loop.
Equates to $29 15/5 FiOS where available ($39 for 25Mbps and $49 for $35 Mbps).
Not a bad deal IMO.

·Frontier Communi..

Re: $29 FiOS

Frontier has upgraded many areas to 25 MB and upgraded their fiber nodes to have a more consistent speed and low latency. They have came a long ways this past year. Although some people cannot get the higher speeds due to the distance from the DSLAM I've seen people a mile away from the DSLAM get 12 MB capable of 18 MB. DSL has went places that cable won't. They also have broadband only. They are becoming more and more competitive against cable. You can get 25 MB for around $60. They had some serious issues until earlier this year in many areas with congestion.

South Williamson, KY

guy on a buffalo


frontier is the guy on a buffalo