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GTA School Teacher Educates us on the iPhone
by Anon94 12:58PM Monday Jul 07 2008
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“I’m a high school teacher in the GTA area” who put »getthefactsonrogersiphone.com/ together, “solely as a public service,”

On July 11, let’s be able to hear a pin drop in Rogers & Fido stores,” he says,

But he’s has done a lot more than just suggesting a day of protest.

He’s also created detailed cost comparisons of high-end (»getthefactsonrogersiphone.com/fa ··· cts.html) and low-end (»getthefactsonrogersiphone.com/fa ··· onlowend) plans, and de-bunks what he calls the “page-view myth“ (»getthefactsonrogersiphone.com/fa ··· viewmyth ).

We asked Gordon what’d prompted him to launch the site?

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