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Game Industry: Broadband is Holding us Back
Latency, Slow Connections Still a Problem
by Karl Bode 11:30AM Tuesday Oct 30 2012
The video game industry is frustrated with the lack of adequate broadband speed across the globe. While we've made great strides on that front (remember how bad Valve's Steam used to be in the younger days of broadband?), Eidos President Ian Livingstone recently told conference attendees that the game industry was "fighting broadband." The biggest problem is that broadband speeds aren't keeping pace with the growing size of downloadable games and patches, but Livingstone said the industry is also still struggling with high latency connections a decade after lingo like "HPB" and "LPB" exited the gamer lexicon. "We have to worry about broadband when we should be thinking about making better games," says the Eidos boss.

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Halo 4 (really halo 6), gears of war 3, resident evil 6, call of duty 11, madden 26.......

No new ideas.

Same day DLC, DLC in general, $60 for a game that takes 4 hours to beat. Cannot resell with downloaded content.

Terrible pricing model.

DRM, requiring an internet connection, laggy servers.

Un-openess to consumers..

The gaming industry is holding the gaming industry back. Fix your problems, then start blaming other people.