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Game of Thrones Finale Sets Piracy Record
Downloaded More than a Million Times in One Day
by Karl Bode 10:46AM Tuesday Jun 11 2013
Last weekend's "Game of Thrones" series finale set piracy records, with the program being downloaded by more than a million people in one day. According to Torrent Freak, the show set BitTorrent records specifically, with some 170,000 people sharing one copy of the show simultaneously. The massive, unprecedented piracy comes as HBO continues to refuse to make their streaming platform HBO Go available to users without a traditional cable connection. The show is expected to surpass 5 million BitTorrent downloads over the next week, with most of those downloaders coming from Australia, followed by the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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Redmond, WA

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reply to inteller

Re: give me standalone HBOGO

said by inteller:

and this "problem" will go away.

Don't consume content you didn't pay for and this problem will "never exist." If HBO's business model is antithetical to you, then don't partake. Only staying away from things that make HBO money--such as encouraging others to watch their shows and subsequently buy the DVDs--will encourage HBO to see what you perceive as the error of their ways and, hopefully, change it. This isn't life or death, it's a TV show.