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Game of Thrones Piracy Rates Soar Courtesy of HBO's Stubbornness
by Karl Bode 05:49PM Tuesday Apr 15 2014
HBO's hit fantasy series "Game of Thrones" has historically been one of the most pirated TV shows on the Internet, thanks largely to HBO's stubborn refusal to offer streaming HBO content without subscribing to a traditional (and expensive) cable TV package. With the show's recent season four premiere, "Game of Thrones" is again lighting up BitTorrent distribution networks like a Christmas tree.

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As such, Torrent Freak took an interesting look at what it costs per episode to watch the show if you want to do so via the legitimate route. The results are better or worse, depending where you live. Australia, for example, isn't cheap if you go the traditional route:
In Australia, Game of Thrones fans need a Foxtel subscription. When we look at the packages offered on the website the cheapest option appears to be the movie and drama combo, which costs $74 AUD (~ 70 USD) per month. However, the minimum subscription term is six months, which with the added costs adds up to $520 AUD (~ 490 USD).

Assuming that someone’s only interested in watching Game of Thrones, an Australian fan will have to pay $52 AUD (~ 49 USD) per episode, which is rather expensive.
Granted even if you pay for traditional cable and choose HBO Go, there's no guarantee the service won't choke during your program. HBO is, regardless of what copyright maximalists like to believe, driving users to piracy by forcing traditional cable on users, and there's simply no indication that's going to change anytime soon.

Update: It looks like the show is once again setting records for BitTorrent swarm size.

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Portland, OR

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reply to bionicRod

Re: Show

Hear hear. I bet tons of people would be lining up to pay 5 bucks an episode for legal HD copies of episodes that they could download the day after airing. Most people watch it with friends/family, so split up the cost and you're good.

Nice sig BTW. Man that takes me back. I graduated from college the year that Stop Making Sense came out.

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

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reply to Hall
you make a good point about some no p2p/torrent alternate reality. I read the books years ago, so I'd wait till the DVD's were at the public library. thus the best way for HBO to make money off ME would be to start streaming to non CableTV subs at a fair price.

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reply to El Quintron

Re: I love people's justifications

I agree. However, by that time it will be too late.

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Billings, MT

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reply to pandora

Re: Show

»theoatmeal.com/comics/game_of_th ··· _thrones

Enough said.


Vancouver, WA

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reply to brianiscool

Torrent it and find out.