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German Cable ISP Hits 4.7 Gbps
12 Arris Modems Each Using 8 Bonded Channels
by Karl Bode 10:30AM Thursday May 31 2012
German cable broadband ISP Kabel Deutschland says they've successfully managed to transmit data at 4.7 Gbps using Arris EuroDOCSIS 3.0 gear. A self-congratulatory press statement from Arris notes that the trial was conducted on existing cable plant in a school in Schwerin, Germany. After that existing coaxial was upgraded to 862 MHz, Kable Deutschland used twelve 12 ARRIS Touchstone Cable Modems, each of which was accessing eight bonded Annex A (8 MHz) channels. "Using this speed, a DVD could theoretically be downloaded within eight seconds," Kabel Deutschland CTO Lorenz Glatz noted in a press statement, adding that "Current standard laptops or modems cannot even process these high speeds."

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