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German-Language Hate Memo Latest Spam Offense
by lilhurricane 10:44AM Sunday Jun 13 2004
By ECT News World Desk

Varieties of the right-wing e-mail included a series of links to Web sites such the extreme right German National Party (NPD), articles from the right-oriented newspaper "Young Freedom," and an assortment of "people's initiatives" which oppose Muslims and the building of mosques in Germany.

German-language spam containing right-wing messages and proclaiming disapproval with the presence of Turks and other immigrants in Germany were being received worldwide today.
The barrage began on Wednesday and initially inundated e-mail accounts of users in the United States, the Netherlands, Finland and several other countries.

MX Logic, a Denver-based anti-spam firm has identified 25 variants of the spam, some of which contain links to nationalist Web sites with names such as "Citizen's Movement" and "Resistance," that urge Germany to rid itself of its Muslim population and to oppose Turkey's attempts to join the European Union, the Washington Post (NYSE: WPO) reported.

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