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Global Broadband Subscribers Pass 600 Million
Most of Them Unsurprisingly in China
by Karl Bode 12:39PM Wednesday Jun 20 2012
According to the latest data from the Broadband Forum (pdf), fixed-line broadband subscribers worldwide recently jumped past the 600 million mark, with 100 million of those lines added in the last 18 months alone.

According to the trade group's data, China unsurprisingly continues to lay claim to the most broadband subscribers with 137,919,667, while the United States sits in second place with 88,787,828 broadband users.

Broken down by technology, DSL continues to be the most common fixed line broadband connectivity option worldwide with 369,898,515 subscribers compared to 118,005,682 for cable, 87,732,354 for fiber to the node (VDSL or VDSL2), and 15,661,500 for fiber to the home.
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I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

DSL of course..

..why upgrade to fiber when you can use 100+ year old technology and just squeeze more through it.. even though you have to be a certain distance from the node or central office for it to work reliably.

The copper pair has probably been around since the telegraph days.



Re: DSL of course..

They must make a fortune off the old copper lines.

Santa Monica, CA

Re: DSL of course..

said by GoodolCooper :

They must make a fortune off the old copper lines.

Hardly. They're just saving the Capex of running new facilities at $2K-5K/house. Copper requires a lot of maintenance.

Snohomish, WA

This shows...

...how rare FTTH is.
ComCast HSI alone, has many more customers than there are FTTH users worldwide.
FTTN seems to be the winning fiber of choice.
and cable the best fiber to coax/FTTN choice.