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Google Escalates Patent Madness, Sues Apple
As Verdict Looms in Apple Samsung Trial
by Karl Bode 02:46PM Monday Aug 20 2012
With Motorola's freshly-acquired patents in tow, Google has jumped into an already heated patent war by filing suit against Apple via Motorola, claiming that Apple is violating numerous patents tied to the iPad, iPhone -- and Siri -- Apple's voice assistant. The lawsuit seeks a ban of all iPads, iPhone and Apple computers being imported into the United States. Mike Masnick at Techdirt notes that this is a new turn for Google, who had previously avoided using the abuse of patents to hinder competition. The lawsuit comes as the jury in the Apple versus Samsung case works on a verdict in the high-profile feud, which could result in Apple getting the import of Samsung's Android-based phones to the United States banned.

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