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Google Fiber Build Complaints Mount
by Bill Neilson 02:03PM Monday Jun 30 2014
Previously, we have discussed a number of instances in Kansas City where those installing Google Fiber were "butchering" the homeowner’s property. Although Google says they're learning as they go, complaints are still rolling in about installers tearing apart property with rutted lawns and busted gas lines.

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Now, the Kansas City Star is reporting that residents of Kansas City are calling on their local government to help push Google to fix those homeowners properties which have been affected by the installations.

Because Google has been issued "tens of thousands of construction permits" for work in Kansas City which impact planting boxes and cut through lawns/sidewalks/driveways, it should not be surprising that Google has seen complaints climb recently due to the speed of construction.

But, Google’s agreement with Kansas City does not require the company to reveal how many complaints it fields. Therefore, we still do not know exactly how many complaints are been given and/or the extent of damage being done to the city.

As of now, we are left with stories of Google installers breaking sewer lines, tearing up lawns and cutting any lines underground. As we saw with Verizon FiOS, it's par for the course when communities finally get the faster speeds they've always wanted.

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reply to existenz

Re: Contractors

You know it only takes 1 gas line explosion out of a small number of complaints for quite a lawsuit to spring up.

If they are breaking people's gas lines, this can happen. Explosions have happened before with cut gas lines.

Either 811 is marking lines wrong, or they aren't calling 811 or waiting for all lines to be marked before all of their digs.

It's dangerous and irresponsible. It doesn't matter how many people complain, cutting lines and pipes should not be happening in people's yards, period. Google Fiber might be cool, but it's not worth that hassle. I'd like to keep my water or gas service on without interruption, I can get by without cable or fiber for longer than I can without those.



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reply to Duramax08
LOL... If it's an AT&T/Verizon/Comcast/Cox/Charter contractor it's an evil plot by the before mentioned companies to do some sort of evil. When it's Google, well sucks that's OK, they are just learning as they go and we should just cut them some slack.

As much as I don't care for most of what EPB does I will have to say that they have done a very good job of wiring out Chattanooga without any major problems like this. The most I noticed was you had to wait for the guy with a flag to wave you through.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.


West Monroe, LA

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reply to newview

Re: Dear Google



East Amherst, NY

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reply to Duramax08

Re: Contractors

And how is this different from any provider? TWC left a coax cable on my lawn for 6 months while I complained, then it got cut by the lawn guys. They then came and had to fix and eventually trenched it (to a shallow depth). Verizon did the same when they ran my fiber, except they did a better and more professional job.

This isn't wireless. It has to go from point A to point B.

Tearing up a lawn is a totally American problem...

I for one would pay for a full re-sod if Google tore up my lawn to get me gig.

As for boxes, sewers, etc--most people don't understand that believe it or not town drawings for many utilities are not accurate. In my mothers town, they still have wood sewers over 100 years old.

If I had a dollar for every time a PDU or whip drawing were incorrect in a "high tech" datacenter, I'd be retired.

Sure there are idiots, but lets just say nothing is perfect.

Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD

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Dear Google

Please come butcher my lawn.

I'll help ...