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Google Fiber Goes Live, Luring Startups
Startups Bond Together to Celebrate Speed
by Karl Bode 12:26PM Tuesday Nov 13 2012
Startups eager for inexpensive, faster bandwidth are flocking to Kansas City, where Google Fiber is beginning installs on their ultra-fast symmetrical 1 Gbps fiber broadband service. The service is technically slated to go live today with a local press event to herald the occasion, which will stream live here. For those who missed pricing, locals can get a symmetrical 1 Gbps connection for $70 a month, or a symmetrical 1 Gbps connection and full IPTV lineup for $120 a month. Back in September Google announced their construction schedule for the service, which you can find here.

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As we've noted previously, startups are buying residential property in parts of Kansas City simply to get these connections. A grass roots organization by the name of the Kansas City Startup Village has been formed to help bolster a "concentrated and collaborative community of startups."

They've offered up photos of their install here, and are running a blog of their experiences as well.

A dozen startups (and growing) have purchased or rented homes in the Hanover Heights and Spring Valley neighborhoods in order to be the first to receive service. As Google Fiber has highlighted since its creation, the excitement not only highlights the unique value Google's offering, but the general lack of satisfaction with existing United States residential and business broadband services.

Meanwhile, Google says that they continue to fill in the holes in their IPTV channel lineup, announcing via the Google blog that the company has signed content deals to carry the Fox channel lineup (Fox News, Fox Business News, BabyTV, Big Ten Network, Fuel TV, etc.) Still missing from the Google Fiber lineup is HBO.

Update: Google has posted a new blog post discussing today's first installations in more detail.

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