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Google Fiber Has No Problem With Customer Demand
60% of Qualified Users Interested in Signing Up
by Karl Bode 09:05AM Friday Jan 11 2013
While a few paid (by Microsoft and AT&T) pundits like Scott Cleland have insisted demand won't be there for Google Fiber, a new survey unsurprisingly finds that Kansas City locals are thrilled about the possibility of symmetrical 1 Gbps for $70. According to a new survey by Ideas & Solutions! Inc., 60% of those who qualify are very interested in obtaining Google Fiber. The company's studies showed that Google Fiber surpassed broadband incumbents on 11 attributes -- even Google's weakest: consumer privacy protection.

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The company saw massive national interested by having cities nationwide vie for Google's attention in order to get deployment. Even after Kansas City was selected, national attention on the network build has been unprecedented for the telecom sector.

"Google Fiber has conducted a remarkable marketing campaign," said Glen Friedman, president of Ideas & Solutions! Inc. "Historically, pay TV 'overbuilders' penetrate about one-third of their marketplace over time. This level of interest in the beginning is unprecedented. For Google Fiber, the challenge moving forward is to do an equally good job on the fulfillment."

That may be easier said than done. As we've seen with handset and tablet shipping and support, Google still has plenty to learn when it comes to customer service. Still, the enthusiasm we've seen for Google fiber speaks not only to the quality of Google's marketing, but to the dissatisfaction many consumers have with existing broadband services.

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reply to nrobot80

Re: Too much like right

said by nrobot80:

The big boys are going to do everything in their power to block Google from spreading nationwide. From what history shows almost everything Google puts their hand on turns to gold, does the word Andriod ring a bell. The US invented the internet as we know it today but we are near the bottom when it comes to speeds compared to other industrialized countries. Having traveled to Europe and Asia in last year or so I've been able to download music in 30 seconds or less, stream video without buffering, and surf the net with ease thanks to fiber. I for one would love to see Google go nationwide with their product and give some real competition to the incumbent ISPs and offer real broadband for a value.

Actually almost nothing google does turns to gold.... They have thier hits for sure, but most of their stuff is a flop. Google power, google docs has been meh, they've pretty much destroyed youtube, it's plagued with problems and is now FULL of advertising, google wave, buzz

They've had their hits, "google", android, earth, and they've been very succesful at a lot of ventures, but far from everything they touch turns to gold.

we'll see how fiber does. It won't go national.


Hazelwood, MO

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reply to ITALIAN926

Re: If people like

So do you think the network should be built first or the applications?

You, being against fast networks for some unknown reason, would say the applications, right? Which I personally think is ass backwards as would probably 95+% of anyone involved in technology.

In technology you dont wait until the limits are reached to figure out how to create new limits. You constantly push the limits and make things as fast and as efficient as you can at all times and let the rest fall into place. It is the way the PC and technology has been since the very day it was created and it has brought much innovation.

Using the ignorance of your method we would progress much slower because no one would want to create apps that a vast majority of the world cant use and the network owners certainly wouldnt invest in improving their networks unless we (the consumers) are pushing them to do so by taking their networks to the limits.

I bet you dont still use a 56k modem so unless you are willing to do that, stop with your BS that we dont need higher speeds.

Looking at the bigger picture

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reply to tschmidt

Re: Puzzling.

How about we just skip the next war? That should more than pay for it!!

R.I.P Dadkins
Elk Grove, CA

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Offer a consumer a superb product at a reasonable price?
What is that all about?

Romney becomes "the" Epic Failure!


Crestline, CA

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If people like

elray and ITALIAN926 are to be believed then we have no need for fiber. Capped cable and DSL are the best things in the world and anyone who questions why mono and duopolies are allowed on something such as last mile internet just hate the freedom we Americans have and they prove that our unregulated internet infrastructure has no problems with greedy corporations or anything like that and the customers don't need anything more than 3mbit DSL anyways.

Looks like there's actually an interest in a product that provides something more than the pathetic offerings Comcast, AT&T and others provide for high cost with low offering on all fronts. Who knew?