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Google Fiber Lights Up Second 'Fiberhood'
Dub's Dread Residents Can Now Sign up for Service
by Karl Bode 02:15PM Friday Oct 19 2012
The folks over at Google today announced that they're lighting up their second "fiberhood" as the company deploys service to the Kansas City area communities that made the most noise during their six week "rally." According to Google, Dub's Dread residents can now sign up for Google Fiber service, which was launched in July and comes in three flavors: a 5 Mbps connection for free (after you pay a $300 installation fee), a symmetrical 1 Gbps connection for $70 a month, or a symmetrical 1 Gbps connection and full IPTV lineup for $120 a month. Back in September Google announced their construction schedule for the service, which you can find here. Google says users in Dub's Dread need to sign up here for service by November 15 or they'll miss out on this wave of installations.

As a reminder, if you're in a build area we'll be happy to pay you for your detailed impressions of the service.

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