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Google Fiber Showing Speeds of 700 Mbps
'I'm Probably Not Going to Leave the House,' Says Customer
by Karl Bode 08:17AM Wednesday Nov 14 2012
"We just got it today and I’ve been stuck in front of my laptop for the last few hours," Mike Demarais, founder of Threedee, tells Ars Technica about his new Google Fiber connection. "It’s unbelievable. I’m probably not going to leave the house." As we noted yesterday, the first homes are now being hooked up to Google Fiber, luring more than a dozen startups to the first residential neighborhoods to be wired with shiny new symmetrical 1 Gbps connections. Speedtests posted by Ars show downstream speeds of nearly 700 Mbps, and upstream speeds of 620 Mbps -- all at Google's $70 price point. "Wherever I go after this, my Internet speed is going to be ruined," says an apparently happy customer.
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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ

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reply to Kamus

Re: 'I'm Probably Not Going to Leave the House,'

Where's my flying car?


El Paso, TX

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reply to 88615298
said by 88615298:

Yeah he can download that page in .002 seconds instead of .1 seconds. Imagine all the time he is saving!

Loading pages. That's adorable!
Ask your grand kids what the internet is for.

Exton, PA

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Old people & trolls

I don't understand why there are so many negative comments here. The reason we don't use the extra bandwidth is because it is not available across our entire infrastructure.

Videos don't stream in uncompressed 1080P (OR HIGHER), music is not downloaded & streamed at lossless or near lossless quality, images are compressed, files are zipped & compressed, large updates for drivers and updates are compressed, and if the download is large enough it actually takes quite a while to decompress.

As someone mentioned above, you can back up your entire hard drive or access your files remotely without everything taking FOREVER. Now, my hard drive would take several days to back up online with my current connection, whereas I used to have to wait all night to download an update to a game on 56K.

I play games in the 10GB range now, and one of the reasons they are not more widely distributed digitally is because a lot of people don't want to spend the time to download a file that large on DSL or 10MB cable line.

Think of your mobile phone connection, you have a 2GB cap so it limits your ability to use it.

Here you have people paying $70 a month for gb symmetrical for the same price many people pay for 25mbps down. Hell, let's charge you that and put you back on DSL if you are happy with it.

Bring on high quality internet, uncompressed 1080P is 6MB per FRAME.

We have compressed voice, compressed video chat, compressed freaking everything.

Why bash the guy for testing his new connection on a legal torrent? What other large files do you suggest he uses?

Do we need 1GBPS now? Hell no, only businesses do.

Should we be upgrading our infrastructure to support future technology? Hell YES!

You old sad sorry sons of b*s grow up, stop stifling technological growth... Grumpy old men...

What the hell are you trolls doing on a website about broadband growth and technology if you are too air headed or unintelligent to remember that people were using 1.44mb floppy disks 15 years ago that couldn't fit an entire power point presentation on it, and you could barely download images, BUT YOU COULD SURE READ TEXT LIKE A NEWS PAPER QUITE SNAPPY on 14.4KBPS MODEMS! Now you have USB sticks that fit in your pocket that hold 64GB or more.

Go buy a newspaper, get off the internet troll.

BF69, you are truly disappointing, you of all people should know the current state of our broadband infrastructure since you have been here since 2004. I guess you like megacorporations like the monopolized internet and tv market, recording industry, motion picture industry, screwing us royally on prices because customers like you don't ask for anything better and shell out maximum prices every single month to get what is just good enough for the masses, while they reap massive profits and pillage government funds out of our pockets that are supposed to be used to build out networks, and the networks never come, and they never get better.

We are starting to see the light with LTE finally, but for god sakes stop with telling people it's overkill, it's not. Why isn't LTE being built out faster? No landlines to support the bandwidth wirelessly.


West Tenness

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reply to AVD

Re: 'I'm Probably Not Going to Leave the House,'

Yeah he can download that page in .002 seconds instead of .1 seconds. Imagine all the time he is saving!