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Google Hopes to Work With Existing Telcos on Google Loon
by Karl Bode 06:33PM Thursday May 08 2014
Google's broadband by balloon project "Loon" will aim to work with existing telcos if the effort ever sees real-world implementation, Google stated this week. Speaking with TechCrunch, Google's Astro Teller says that Loon will work to using existing spectrum in various countries by partnering with telcos there, since these companies already own the lion's share of spectrum. Google will offer telcos the ability to lease access on the balloons in any given country, though telcos in developing areas will be less likely to see Google as an encroaching threat. Reports recently surfaced that Google was testing Loon with LTE connectivity in the Nevada desert.

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Cobbs Creek, VA


pie in the sky

Mississauga, ON

Re: Loon

Hey at least now they can't possibly charge us for roaming now that Google gives everyone the ability to connect from anywhere.

I wonder if this will let Wind mobile setup big coverages since their signals are weak due to lack of cell towers for their side of use (The big three uses separate spectrum and cell towers).

Canadian telcos will likely be aggressively against Google loon in Canada, using 'national security' as an excuse.



Google Loon Dead before set free

So much for Loon's ever being let out into the wild! This is why Google has become EVIL! They have a disrupting technology and do not want to release it for fear of disrupting revenue streams from existing incumbents. If we had a real FCC, they would rip Loon out of Google hands and set it free! Ogilarchs win again!