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Google Phone Not The Revolution Some Expected
Only on T-Mobile, $530 unsubsidized, $180 with 2 year contract...
by Karl Bode 09:59AM Wednesday Dec 30 2009
Much of the early blog hype surrounding the new Google phone (aka the "Nexus One") focused on how Google was going to sell the phone at an unsubsidized price point, allowing users to buy the phone first -- then choose the carrier of their choice. That entire concept was quickly deflated when leaked specs indicated that the device would only be designed to work on T-Mobile's 3G network. Now Gizmodo has leaked the device pricing, which doesn't exactly thrill anybody either. Yes, you can buy the unsubsidized phone for $530 directly from Google, but you can also get it for $180 with a mandatory contract.

If you get it at the subsidized price point, you'll have to ditch your existing rate plan and go with the only plan the phone supports: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web for $79.99 a month. If you want any other wireless plan, you'll have to shell out for the unsubsidized version of the phone. The fine print also notes that if you cancel your plan within 120 days, you have to pay the difference between what you paid and the unsubsidized price ($350).

So after weeks of hype what you've got is another Android phone, more or less propping up the industry status quo for pricing, that only works on the wireless carrier with the smallest 3G network. Impressed?

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Re: A shoot and a miss

Why wouldn't it? Can you slide a netbook in your shirt pocket or carry it around running for 2 days without charging it? You're comparing apples and watermelons.