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Google Preps Second-Gen Google Fiber Set Top Box
by Karl Bode 10:40AM Monday Jul 07 2014
Google's working hard on an update to the rather minimalist, black set top boxes the company uses for their Google Fiber TV service. Dave Zatz at Zatz Not Funny noticed the new device over at the FCC website. The GFHD200 will replace the GFHD100, and will integrate 10/100 Ethernet, MoCA 1.1/2.0, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and HDMI 1.4. Zatz also notes Google's cooking up a new remote for the device that uses Bluetooth LE. There's no indication yet of what the new device will look like or when we'll see an official release.

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Cable Centric Vendor Biased
Atlanta, GA

10/100 ethernet?

But if it is only getting MOCA speeds to the Storage box, it might shave a few pennies off the cost.


Re: 10/100 ethernet?

Likely something missed, the existing TV box has Gbit NIC. See my other post below. Then again, whole thing could be made up.

Auto negotiating
Minneapolis, MN

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stop it! google

Stop giving us things we aren't use to having. *sarcasm*

·Google Fiber

Probably Gbit ethernet, not 10/100 and also AC WiFi claimed

I have GFiber today and the current TV box has a Gbit ethernet adapter but can only do 200Mbps, I would think the 10/100 is a typo. Also, MoCA 2.0 implies it will be able to do 800M-1Gb over coax so likely Gbit NIC as well. It also says AC WiFi, hopefully upgradable to Wave2. The current box can act as a WiFi repeater but only up to 200M so with AC maybe near a Gbit repeater with Wave2. Given that the new TV box (STB) may have AC WiFi, you'd think they would upgrade the Net box (router) to AC as well, which is currently just N.

The current TV box can be configured in many different ways, such as coax from one room to another and use the availalbe Gbit NIC to a switch for more ports in another room. Or can use NIC/Cat5e to extend to another room. Can mix match using WiFi repeater and maybe with upgrade the extended room can happen with pure WiFi. With MoCA 2.0, have option to use coax if wanting to use TV box NIC/switch for many devices in extended room for reliable/optimal Gbit connection (I use coax today for my extend room so NIC is free, added switch and have multiple hard-wired devices in another room, but is currently limited to 200M for extended rooms).

Kansas City, MO


I would prefer they upgrade the network box to resemble something that isn't an 8 year old router/WAP.

·Google Fiber

Re: Meh

Is highly likely new Net box coming too. If the TV box is going to have AC, you'd think a router is coming too. Is just that the TV box FCC thing was found, not router. Google did send out invitations to beta test new equipment coming, and asked if you have AC devices. I'm signed up but no word yet.

Woodbridge, VA

I just looked at the "minimalist" boxes mentioned...

Now that is the way to do a Set Top Box. No display or anything. I wish all cable boxes were like that. I see no need for clocks or anything since that info is already on screen.