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Google Still Apparently Sucks at Nexus Support
Customers Aren't Entirely Sure Where Nexus 4, 10 Orders Are
by Karl Bode 06:50PM Monday Nov 19 2012
While Google's recent launch of the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet was generally met with enthusiasm (aside from the Nexus 4's lack of LTE), there's much less enthusiasm surrounding Google's post order communications skills. Numerous buyers of both the 4 and 10 are stuck in a sort of order purgatory, completely unsure when they'll get their devices. While some users have received their hardware, many others are being given phantom ship dates, no ship dates, or no useful information at all:
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I was fortunate, or so I thought, to place an order within seconds of the order button going live. Placed my order successfully and received an email confirmation within a minute. The information presented in the confirmation said to expect two day shipping on the 15th.

Well to date despite numerous emails and phone calls, there has not been a device sent. Google has said persistently each day to expect a tracking number that day but never did it happen. I subscribe to a forum called xda developers and on there I saw many people who had placed orders well after I had receiving their orders. Also on xda I was able to see many others who ordered in those first few minutes who also had not received anything but the initial order confirmation who also had been given the same run around by google CSR.
Threads over at the XDA Developers forum certainly show mixed results, with at least one user being given shipping information on his Nexus 4 -- despite the fact he ordered a Nexus 10.

It appears that while Google makes some nifty hardware (the Nexus 10 is even "extremely repairable", if you can believe such a thing), they're still not very good at supporting the customers that buy that hardware. That's a problem of course, given Google has consistently insisted they want to shake up the carrier handset model by selling unsubsidized devices direct to consumers. That's obviously not happening if Google doesn't stop sucking at customer communication and support.

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Tavistock NJ

Google has to take a lesson from

If Google wants to become a powerful seller of consumer goods direct to customer, they better go to school on how Amazon does it. And the Amazon order system and customer service are the main strengths they better learn. So far Google has shown that customer service is their weakest capability by far.
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Atlantic, IA

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Re: Google has to take a lesson from

What they need to do is simply let Amazon do the orders...

Get out of this all together... pay Amazon 7% or whatever and let them deal with all the logistics.... dump pallets of the phones on the dock and let them take care of the rest.

Or better yet let Woot! run the first run out the door the king of one item sales then handle it after that first influx.

There are many BETTER ways to do this Google just uses the worst possible way.

Of note... Limbo order 8:44 8gb received my shipping notice 15min ago

Brighton, MA

who's problem is this?

I'm one of those lost souls waiting to find out what is happening with my nexus order.

Google needs to take ownership of the sales, processing and shipping of these devices. If, by ordering from the play store, that means that I have to deal with sub-par service, I will not be doing this again.

I say that Google is the one with the problem here.



Google has your money, you have no product. How is that their problem???

Brighton, MA

Re: Problem?

They don't get any money until they ship it. It is ultimately their problem because going forward people may be more hesitant if they will order from the Play Store.


Toronto, ON


Is there anyway to pre-order? Why does it still say sold out... When ordering the iPhone 5, it took a month to get it but at least I made the order for fuck sake.


Spencer, MA

0 for 2

The rollout out of the Nexus 7 this past summer was a textbook lesson in how not to do customer service. Folks who pre-ordered in the hopes of being in the first batch of deliveries were screwed when the devices showed up in retail stores well before many of them shipped from the Google Play store. Calls to Google were met with friendly reps who unfortunately could provide no useful information as to what was going on with the orders. It pretty much appears that Google really doesn't give a damn about their order. I really dislike Apple, but they have Google beat to the ground as far as new product rollouts are concerned.
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Some 20% time

needs to be applied to this by a few Google employees

East Amherst, NY
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It really has to do with this. Google is a king when it comes to ads, but a seedling when it comes to e-commerce. Their support for all of their "beta" products has always sucked. I have had numerous bugs with google wallet and goole play. It's still beta. Google wallet drained my nexus 7 battery dry 3 times.

SOLD OUT - WTF does that mean? You can't get in a simple queue. I know people who waited 1 month no problem for their Iphone 5. Does that mean the dollar store is out of socks?

Itunes on the other hand...Read the 100 pages of TOC and it works. They even batch up your purchases to save money. Gotta problem, call Apple or roll to the store. Question answered. Want this. Ok no problem give me your Apple ID. It'll be there in 3 days.

So while Google hardware is starting to kick Apple's a$$, the rest of the experience is like going to the dollar store. It's like buying a Ferrari from Billy Fucillo....It's HUGE.

Google voice hasn't had an innovation in years. Something broke. Post it, ok maybe we'll think about fixing it you sniveling sack of water.

After many gaffes, I simply bought my Nexus 7 at OfficeMax. Interestingly enough the employees didn't even know they were in stock. The online inventory system did though.

So I learned that Google since the days of Nexus sucks at logistics, and apparently should have teamed up with someone with experience at it--say amazon. But I don't think Bezos would be too keen on that. But since they can calculate the meaning of life, they know everything.

The things keeping me from buying it:

1. By far number one - No sd slot. I like my music in house. 16 GB is barely passable. I slapped a 32GB drive (which I paid $25 for) into a two year old phone. Not an Apple charm I like.
2. No removable battery. I keep my phones until THEY die, not the battery. Sealed batteries is like going back to Adam and Eve (catch my drift guys ). At least if it were waterproof that would at least be an excuse. To save a mm, who give a rats a$$. I don't remember ever ONCE anybody complaining about a removable battery. Get that google, get your head out of your a$$.


Fremont, OH

Re: Arrogance

Google's business model isn't to make $$ on their products, it's their ads, but sooner or later that will change when their shareholders want a return. Especially with all talk each year about GoogleVoice becoming a paid product just like Google Apps slowly became for a lot of users/businesses.

I could see Google stopping a LOT of their products, GV, Wallet, and their own support and lastley after their 2 years is up, their FTTH network as that will cause a LOT of $$$ being spent on support and billing.

Google's support has been an issue since day one. You can't even get support on products you pay for- Google Apps, or even if you advertise with them. It's an endless cycle of emails and auto-replies.


Richland, WA
Meh I'll take the slightly "cut corners" service if:

Google Nexus 4: $299+
Iphone 5: $649+

Nexus 7: $199+
Ipad Mini: $379+

I guess some would rather pay double to "guarantee" support that a simple Google query (heh, ironic) most of the times solves.

Fremont, OH


Is this an issue with Foxconn and their users going on strike or threatening no too long ago? But that was even before iPhone 5 was out. Sounds like Google is showing again, they can't support the customer and will kill this idea as they did once before with Nexus.

Customer service doesn't end with the sale

I bought a Nexus 7 and almost immediately returned it. They've been sitting on my money for almost a month and I'm getting worried. I can understand someone needs to look at it and see if I threw it at a brick wall (I didn't), but it doesn't take a month either. They could wipe the fingerprints off it, do a reset, rewrap it and call it a refurb in 10 minutes.

Google, if you're reading this, hire some more people and help your customers. Profits won't last without customers. You can bet I won't be a customer again.

Fremont, OH

Re: Customer service doesn't end with the sale

If you returned the product, and they have not issued the return (keeping in mind banks can sit on that for up to 14 business days before posting), you are legally allowed to file a return against them. Their bank will get involved and Google will give up the money. It can take a while, but you will get a refund.

I ordered Nexus 10 and waiting for 3 days now, their confirmation email says 2 business days for shipping and 5 days max for delivery!!

Will wait couple of days and if no luck I will cancel my order and by an iPad ... Apple experience is far better than Google dummy tech support reps... They tell me wait we cant provide status for you!!

RR Conductor
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Redwood Valley, CA

My 16 GB Nexus 10 will be here Tuesday :)

They had some in stock this weekend, so I ordered, and it will be here tomorrow, 1 day ahead of when it was originally scheduled to be here. I hope everybody gets their Nexus devices soon, I have been in the limbo situation a few times, so I know how frustrating it can be



Nothing but a great experience with Google support

I had nothing but a great experience with Google support.

When I tried to order my Nexus 10 (16gb) I kept getting error messages at various times. I gave up and went into a meeting (which I was late for, hehe) Not checking my email for a bit I came to discover I had ordered 6 tablets! I tried to cancel using the website but it said since it was over an hour after the order was placed i could not do it online and said I could email or call them. I chose to call and was told that it would be sent to a special group to see if it could be canceled (not promised) The following day i got a email (I assume computer generated) asking if I wanted all of the items - it detected that I placed six orders for the same product as opposed to one order for six items. I called back to make sure that it was a general email and that my request to cancel was still there. It was, Later that day I got a email from support saying all but one order was canceled. I verified this on the website. I then received the shipping email and received the tablet the next day. (From the shipping address it looks like it was fulfilled by Amazon)


Brook Park, OH

Guess I'll just go straight to a B&M store

If I get one of these, I guess I'll just head straight to either Amazon or a local location of a B&M store selling these and save myself the headache of dealing directly with Google.

Thanks for the heads up!