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Google TV 2.0: Google Plans Nexus TV Set Top
by Karl Bode 10:43AM Monday Dec 09 2013
It was rather clear that Google TV landed with a bit of a thud, though it was made clearer when Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca in 2012 stated their launch of the Google TV powered Revue was "a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature," and that Google's product was a glorified beta.

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Now reports indicate that Google is working hard on the next chapter of this effort, a new TV set top that will fall under the Nexus brand. A paywalled story at the Information suggests that Google's latest Nexus set top will be "aggressively prices" and aimed squarely at the Apple TV and Roku field of devices.

The news comes on the heels of reports from earlier this year suggesting that Google had been in talks with broadcasters about a potential live TV streaming service. Like countless other companies and services before them however, Google has been unable to get disruption-phobic broadcasters to budge on strict and expensive content licensing for such services.

Earlier rumors suggest the new Nexus set top will feature motion control and will, of course, be highly controllable via Android-based devices. This week's report suggests the device could come to market sometime in the first half of next year.

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Why? If carriers adapt to it, it'll never get updates or get updates years later.

Re: updates?


Beverly, MA

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Dear Google,

There are enough damn streaming boxes out there, we don't need another. Make a STB with a cable card slot in it and do something with that Sagetv purchase already!
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Baltimore, MD

Re: enough

I'm glad someone else here mentioned SageTV. I would be interested in seeing this product improved upon and moved forward rather than just sat on by Google (though I do know that it has been integrated with their STB for Google Fiber TV services). In my opinion, even to this day, SageTV is one of (if not) the best available Media Center solutions.

East Amherst, NY

So is the chromecast throwaway? I already disconnected mine and my Logitech Revue bought a refurb Roku and move on. Google very poor track record here, so my take is either enhance their GF box, or merge O/S totally so if the project craps, you can still use the thing.

Also w/ MSFT killing XBG family plan, I fired Microsoft. Buying a refurb Roku just solves all my problems for now...

What confuses me is the whole SageTV thing. They could have had a Tivo competitor out years ago. All they needed was the PLayready/AllVid crap done. That would be a microsecond of Google profit.

If it becomes a Google Kindle, big fail. I don't need another paywall marketplace.


Bluffton, SC


What makes Google think they will succeed???? The content providers have no reason to cut someone a deal so it's just another box.


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Re: Really????

Google already has deals with most broadcasters/content providers with Google Fiber TV in KC. Google already has a satellite farm to get the content. The other streaming box makers don't have this. Is an opportunity for Google to influence all the traditional content providers into allowing streaming. It would seem Google would target the streaming (instead of the content providers) since Google already has the satellite feeds and ecosystem to deliver the streaming.

The second thing is that Google's primary revenue is tied to the ad industry. Google could influence ad agencies to allow more interactive TV ads with their tablets/smartphones, which control Google TV.

The third thing is that Google has an end to end ecosystem that other carriers don't have - Google Wallet, integration to a plethora of other services.

What Google has the potential to do is collaborate with ad agencies to show ads on tablet remote control while showing on TV. Click ad to buy product instantly with Google Wallet. Advertisers love impulse buys. And Google is stronger with data mining so can provide robust aggregated viewing habit reports and relationship to impulse buys/related clicks to content providers as well as ad agencies.

No one else has the entire end to end ecosystem to pull all layers of that off as easily as Google can. The opportunities are boundless and can create an entirely new industry of TV/tablet integration.



Re: Really????

yeah but the reason they've got content in KCMO is because they're basically working like a cable company.

Studios and networks, especially the big ones, are hooked on the sort of money they get from cable carriage -- the sort that comes from charging people $60-$100+ a month.

They will not quietly accept ANY model that comes from charging people Netflix kinda money: $8-$20 a month.

Nothing else anyone has to say in this sector matters. Until that $ is resolved your best alternative will remain streaming for backlist, piracy for current titles.

Seattle, WA

Its already here.

Got a Minix NEO5 for $70. Basically an AppleTV clone with USB ports. Working play store means you get the functionality that Apple refuses to offer. The only problem is that apps like Netflix, have side bar menus that you cant access using the default remote, so you end up needing to plug in a mouse or use a bluetooth remote with a touch pad on it.

While XBMC works great, it struggles on 720/1080p files. Using the default media player, HD files play just fine, which makes me wonder all I have to do is wait a few months. Just about everything available for Roku is on XBMC or Android.

So Google can release a Nexus STB, but I suspect they'll cripple it by blocking Google Play or sideload installs and not providing USB ports for local playback.

Mechanicsville, VA

Of course it is BETA quality...

What does Google offer that isn't BETA?

Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Fail 2.0

Google should apply their same "genius" (I'm stretching) that they used to leverage Kansas City into submission, combine it with Aereo's audacity and Hastings' ISP naming/shaming game, buy Roku and Nielsen, and put up the coin to secure content rights.

But instead, they're going to present us with yet another ordinary STB with one or two minor new features, and we'll all collectively yawn, again.

Miami, FL
·Comcast Business..


Dear Google,

Stop being stupid and provide quality content via Youtube or some other kind of Netflix service FIRST! before you implement a piece of hardware in which you have NOTHING to watch on and becomes a damn paperweight. Idiots.


michieru A owner of a Sony Google TV.


Waterford, MI

Fix Android, First

Dear Google,

First, please fix Android. In particular: Google Services' and Google Play Services' nasty habits of corrupting data, then getting stuck in an infinite "can't sync" mode and draining batteries in no time.


Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA

Re: Fix Android, First

I've never experienced those issues on any Android device I have/had. Three different Android phones, three different Android tablets, running everything from Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS, and Jellybean.
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Flt Rider
Appleton, WI

What about Chromecast???

Um, what about Chromecast? How about finishing THAT product first?

·Time Warner Cable


Earlier rumors suggest the new Nexus set top will feature motion control{...}
Motion control, as in camera watching you in your living room and bedroom? Hope that rumor turns out wrong. Because lord knows, we'll eat it up like candy. "Cool!" the crowd will be heard saying.

Sherman, TX

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Support Your Current Products

I have a Google TV and my only major complaint about it is the lack of a native file browser. This device is capable of playing pretty much any file type known to man as long as it is in a drive that is physically connected to the tv unit. This sucks, this severely limits space and reduces functionality as a whole (only 2 usb ports). I have terabytes and terabytes of information on my network but a lot of it wont work because the only way to access it is with the ES File Manager app which is limited and cant play many video types.

Google if you want your product to actually be worth something, implement a file manager with networking capabilities. Dont make people use that stupid a55 Plex bull5hit.

Secondly, Google you need to lead by example. The fact that there are basically no apps from your company is going to demonstrate to others that you don't give a crap and that you expect the product to fail or dont really want to be in the game.