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Google TV Embedded LG TVs Get OnLive
Two Platforms Trying to Gain Relevance Find New Union
by Karl Bode 12:25PM Friday Nov 16 2012
In addition to the suite of changes coming to Google TV, Google now says that GoogleTV embedded LG televisions will also come with embedded OnLive gaming functionality. According to an announcement, this is the first time the software has been embedded in televisions, allowing users to stream top-shelf games without a physical console. From the press release:
With the OnLive Wireless Controller (available at onlive.com/controller), LG G2 TV owners in the United States can go to the Premium Apps menu on their TVs and play hundreds of video games on demand. The OnLive catalog includes games from more than 80 publishers, with everything from blockbuster new releases to classic franchises to family-friendly sports, racing and action-adventure games.
Granted this may not be such a big deal when you consider that that recent data shows that around 50% of connected TVs aren't connected -- in large part because users just want their TVs to be TVs, with more-easily replaceable DVRs, game consoles, and Roku-esque devices doing the heavy lifting. There's also the question of how long OnLive will survive after their recent fishy smelling financial chicanery, which resulted in most of the staff being fired without severance (though some were rehired).

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Warwick, RI

Heavy lifting

As pointed out its better to put these functions in a disposable set top box , DVD player, or game console. These are easy to change out at much lower cost as opposed to changing out lets say a 60'' TV along with the labor of physicly removing the old one and installing the new one.

Des Plaines, IL

on live is bandwidth hog and can hit your cap hard

on live is bandwidth hog and can hit your cap hard

West Tenness

Re: on live is bandwidth hog and can hit your cap hard

yep. you can count on about 3 GB an hour.

Ferrous Phallus

Southfield, MI


I bought a fancy AVR recently with networking. Now i just want my AVR to be an AVR. Leave the digital streaming to the pros...




Hope this embedding of software/smart tv fad dies out. More useless crap for the majority of people and this will just add to the cost of a the tv.

when I think of such tv's off the shelf computers with loaded crapware comes to mind, finding a quality plain jane 1080p will be hard to find.

Lavalette, WV

Re: Nope


Plus, if you have to get a new TV at some point, all your settings and preferences will be totally gone - if you just had another box (Roku, Google TV, Apple TV), it wouldn't matter how many TVs you had to switch all your 'smart TV' stuff would still be there.

San Francisco, CA

Google TV privacy

I'd love to read the privacy statement accompanying the new Google TV.

Knowing Google, it is tracking your viewing habits to sell to the highest bidder.