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Grandmas Tell AT&T: We Don't Want Metered Billing Either
'We grandmothers know a rip off when we seen one...'
by Karl Bode 12:24PM Tuesday Jun 23 2009
Last week New York Representative Eric Massa introduced a bill aimed at stopping ISPs from nickel and diming consumers with steep overage charges. AT&T reacted swiftly -- claiming their metered billing trials in Reno and Beaumont are about being fair to grandmothers, and have absolutely nothing to do with protecting U-Verse TV revenues from Internet video. Amusingly enough, Stop The Cap got input from a number of actual grandmothers, who say they don't really appreciate AT&T's help. "We grandmothers know a ripoff when we see one," says one poster. "I’m insulted AT&T thinks grandmothers like myself would be dumb enough to fall for their scams," says another. "Now grandfathers might be something else, which is why I pay the bills in this house," she says.

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