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Groups, Leaders Want Verizon Investigated for Network Neglect
by Karl Bode 06:37PM Wednesday Jul 09 2014
A consortium of elected officials and consumer advocates have petitioned the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) to investigate why Verizon is raising prices while its wireline infrastructure allegedly deteriorates throughout New York state. To hear Ars Technica tell it, Verizon's neglecting copper customers in particular while it focuses on fiber and wireless -- yet at the same time they neglect DSL users, they're consistently raising rates on them.

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"For example, in New York City customer phone bills, since 2006 the price of residential ‘dial tone’ service (one line item on the bill) went up 84 percent, while other services, such as inside wire maintenance, went up 132 percent," the 20-page petition states.

That's not particularly unique. Though companies promise a bevy of market miracles if they're deregulated, the historical result of rate deregulation in telecom is usually higher prices and lower quality service in the face of insufficient competition.

As we've noted for some time, Verizon is eager to exit the DSL business to focus on fiber and wireless, so they're in effect working to drive DSL users to cable through a combination of neglect and price hikes. We've been talking about this for several years (specifically how it's going to result in less competition than ever before), but Verizon's behavior has only lately started to see meaningful public, press and lawmaker attention.

The petition was signed by 49 State Assembly members, seven State Senate members, and US Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY). They were joined by Mayors and city leaders representing more than a dozen cities, towns and counties, alongside numerous consumer advocacy groups including Common Cause and the AARP.

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Investigated? LOL The decay and neglect is OBVIOUS!

Not only that Verizon and AT&T have BOTH FAILED to live up to agreement they have with gov't to either renew infrastructure with fiber lines or at least do a reasonable job of maintaining the old copper lines until they build the fiber out to replace it.

Bottom line both these telcos received hundreds of BILLIONS of DOLLARS from the taxpayers over the years to make sure service is maintained for most Americans and they have REFUSED to live up to their end of that agreement in excahnge for that taxpayer money. Those companies should be fined HEAVILY FOR EACH AND EVERY DAY THEY FAIL TO BUILD OUT SIGNIFICANT NEW FIBER TO ALL AMERICANS IN THEIR FOOTPRINT AS IT WAS YEARS AGO, which was significantly large than it is today.


Cleveland, OH

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reply to fiosultimate

Re: NY State Attny Genl sues companies for anything; why not Verizon?

Sometimes I think people like you and plusone live in different universes.