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HBO Go Chokes On "True Detective" Finale
by Karl Bode 07:38AM Monday Mar 10 2014
HBO's popular crime series "True Detective" appears to have broken the company's online streaming service. "Due to overwhelmingly popular demand for #TrueDetective, we've been made aware of an issue affecting some users," stated HBO's Twitter account last night as users tried to watch the television show online. "Please try again soon." Granted since you need to have a traditional cable connection and HBO to even use HBO Go in the first place, most of these users likely wouldn't have had a problem simply switching to traditional cable. Still, Twitter lit up with complaints over the untimely outage.

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OMG... I was right!

I was having Server issues messages. Then it reset my account. Then I gave up after 30 minutes of blank screens, menus, exit, retry...

I awoke at 2:30a this morning and was like, why not.
All good. I wonder what the 2nd season will bring. Someone said different cast?

It seems I was right to figure on the lawnmower guy. I felt a bit let down as the ending wasn't like the rest of the series...still I never want to live in 'weezee anna'


Some of us have hbo go without a tv package

Verizon now sells FIOS internet plus local channels for cheaper than internet only. They don't allow STBs with that plan, but do offer HBO for $8.99 a month. So technically, I kind of/sort of have a tv plan, but not really. I was annoyed to not be able to watch last night until about 11:00 pm.

I think Comcast offers something similar too, so not really sure how HBO offering stand along HBO GO would really give us options we don't already have. And they don't even have the infrastructure available to serve the customers they have already it seems!

I do think the heaviest users of HBO GO are likely people who use their dad's or friend's cable login to avoid having to subscribe themselves.

Mr Guy


Better fix before GoT begins

If they think usage was high for True Detective wait until April 6th.

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ


pirate it
never dl hbo stuff. best way to get caught.
Despises any post with strings.




said by dvd536:

pirate it
never dl hbo stuff. best way to get caught.

Pirate it on the neighbor's wifi.

R.I.P Dadkins
Elk Grove, CA

It just goes to show

How great television carries the day:
»digg.com/video/can-anyone-unders ··· the-soup

Ashburn, VA

Matthew McConaughey

It must be nice to have roles for a goofy, addicted, narcissistic, Texan come up now and again. Don't even have to act when you are just being yourself. Surprised none of his characters were asked to play bongos while being naked and stoned.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Re: Matthew McConaughey

Personally Mr. McConaughey played his character perfectly. Spencer is a disillusioned, cynical, and flat out burned out detective. His view of the Human Race is how he feels about his whole job. And in a lot of ways, he's right. Which is why Woody Harrelson's character was the perfect counterpoint. Eric was centered, married with children, ect... However, Eric understood where Spencer was coming from. And Eric has is own personal Skeltons to deal with as well... All in all, a great series. Can't wait for the next rendition with all new actors/characters. Nice job, HBO


At least you were in the US :p

At least you guys are located in the US; I did have to change my sleeping habbits to catch the show I did go through both VPN and DNS as I thought something was wrong with those, I never thought it was HBO. In btw, for anyone interested , »thevpn.guru/watch-hbo-go-outside ··· nada-uk/