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HUGHES COMMUNICATIONS reported first quarter revenues
by PetDude 12:58AM Saturday May 12 2007
Via SkyReport: 11-May-07

HUGHES COMMUNICATIONS reported first quarter revenues increased 13 percent year-over-year to tally a record $223 million. The company's Hughes Network Systems division increased its EBITDA 54 percent to $25 million with an adjusted EBITDA increase of 48 percent to $26 million. Hughes also said its order bookings is surging with a whopping 84 percent increase to $277 million.

Company President and CEO Pradman Kaul said the major contributors to Hughes' revenue growth were the consumer/SMB and mobile satellite businesses. The company said more than 41,000 new subscribers were activated during the first three months of 2007, growing its sub base by 19 percent to 346,000.



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New Richmond, OH

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More money for Hughes, less bandwidth for us.

Why is it when I read about Hughes's success with sales that my heart sinks? Anyone else see all these percentages as negatives on bandwidth hits? Here's a great idea, why don't they rent more transponders with all this money they are making? Oh wait...that would negate profit. Haha. Cram em all to maximum capacity! Must be their motto.