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Here's Comcast's Coming Speed, Pricing Lineup
Competitive (FiOS) Areas to See Changes First
by Karl Bode 02:21PM Wednesday Aug 15 2012
Earlier this summer we scooped a number of planned upcoming changes to Comcast's broadband offerings, including the introduction of a new 305 Mbps (and $300) broadband tier -- and the doubling in speed of the existing Xfinity Blast! and Extreme 50 customers at no additional charge, from 25 to 50 Mbps and 50 to 105 Mbps. While the speeds aren't new if you've been reading along, an anonymous user in our Comcast forum posts an internal Comcast screenshot of what appears to be coming pricing changes for these tiers.

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The lineup, right, lists what will be Comcast's speed tiers in many of their markets, with prices that appear to be much more generous than what we've seen previously. For example, the slideshow lists Comcast's 300 Mbps as $119 a month, when Comcast had previously stated the tier would be 305 Mbps at around $300 a month.

I checked with a trusted source at Comcast and was told that this will be Comcast's lineup in "competitive" (read: FiOS) areas, and that these prices are accurate. The source tells me the first markets to see these speeds and prices will be predominately FiOS markets in early 2013, with most of Comcast's markets seeing these options by the end of next year.

Keep in mind of course those listed prices appear to be bundled, and that these speeds standalone will be $15 or so more each month. Verizon has slowly but surely been jacking up FiOS prices to the point where they're starting to obliterate value; for example 15/5 Mbps standalone is now a whopping $70 a month. If these prices are accurate, Comcast appears ready to finally start competing more seriously on price.

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