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Hosting Provider Hauled Diesel up 17 Flights to Stay Online
Recruiting The Help of Friends and Customers
by Karl Bode 05:28PM Wednesday Oct 31 2012
After Sandy flooded their 75 Broad Street offices and took out power, a hosting provider by the name of Peer 1 Hosting was forced to lug buckets of diesel fuel up seventeen flights of stairs to keep their backup generators operational. The company had to enlist the help of friends and customers to form the bucket brigade that is currently keeping their services online. The company has been keeping an ongoing log of their troubles over at their company forums. Other providers weren't so lucky, like hosting provider Datagram, whose basement flooded and pumps failed, resulting in numerous major websites (like and the Huffington Post) going offline. 75 Broad Street has of couse been a data center of one sort or another for over 100 years, once housing the offices of International Telephone & Telegraph corporation. As severe weather events become the "new normal" there will likely be some significant reconsideration of that particular location's worth as a data hub.

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