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How to Dump AT&T Over Sneaky New Administrative Fee
Users Having Mixed Success Getting Out of Contract
by Karl Bode 08:56AM Thursday May 30 2013
AT&T recently decided to impose a new, sneaky $0.61 "administrative fee" that should net the company an additional $500 million annually for doing absolutely nothing. While AT&T has been lambasted for the fee it's clear the company doesn't much care, given most consumers will just grumble -- then sheepishly stick around. Some users are using this change as a way to argue AT&T has modified their contract and thereby nullified it, allowing users to exit their contract with AT&T without paying an ETF.

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While success appears to be mixed, here's some general tips on how to leave AT&T, and their sneaky fees, behind:
•Don't waste your time trying to resolve it via online chat support—they don't have the authority to waive ETFs.
•Ask to be transferred to the retentions department to cancel your account.
•Point out that the fee is not government mandated or regulatory, meaning that AT&T is raising your service costs per the terms laid out in their legal agreement.
•Don't back down—they're going to try and tell you no, and you'll more than likely have to speak with at least one manager.
•If you're looking to stay with AT&T after opting out of the contract, your chances are slim, though you could technically get away with it.
Section 1.3 of AT&T's legal agreement with customers is worded vaguely enough to give them wiggle room to deny users, and as more users call in AT&T appears to be fighting a little harder. Some users may have to enter into arbitration, where they'll likely win. At the very least, users say they're having the fee waived. While this process is time consuming, doing nothing is what allows AT&T to continue engaging in false advertising and predatory, anti-consumer behavior.

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