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How to Get $23.99 AT&T Dry Loop DSL
Customer retention offer only....
by Karl Bode 09:47AM Tuesday Sep 25 2007
Though AT&T has been talking a good game when it comes to unbundling its DSL and landline services, most of their speed tiers still aren't available as standalone products. While the company is offering a 1.5Mbps DSL and wireless bundle in seven trial markets, a few weeks ago some users in our Connecticut AT&T forum noted that existing customers could get 1.5Mbps dry loop DSL for $23.99. An AT&T customer retention rep has since leaked precisely how to get the offer:
(Force bundling landline & DSL) is an old mind-set. We need to get over it.
-AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson
•Call the AT&T Dry Loop department directly at 888-800-4095
•Ask to switch to "DSL direct"
•If they give you a hassle, say it's a retention offer
You can also get 3Mbps AT&T Pro service for $28.99 this way as well, but the retention deal is apparently only available in the Midwest, Southwest California, Nevada and Connecticut. Note: this won't work in BellSouth territories, as they offer an entirely different dry loop offer. We're still waiting on that territory-wide, 768kbps dry loop DSL AT&T promised as a BellSouth merger condition.

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