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HughesNet Successfully Launches New Satellite
Paves Way For Gen4 Services Sometime This Fall
by Karl Bode 08:44AM Monday Jul 09 2012
Hughes has announced the company yesterday successfully launched their new EchoStar XVII satellite via the Ariane 5 rocket in Kourou, French Guiana -- paving the way for the company's upcoming "Gen 4" services. Hughes says the company will now conduct in-orbit and system testing over the next several weeks and expects the satellite to be commercially available sometime this fall. As we've been exploring, the new Ka-band satellite should dramatically improve capacity for the HughesNet satellite service -- allowing them to offer service tiers up to 20 Mbps downstream. However the primary focus will be on adding additional revenue-generating customers, meaning that those painful daily usage caps won't be getting much better. Currently, HughesNet offers a 1 Mbps tier with a 250 MB cap for $60, a 1.5 Mbps tier with a 350 MB daily cap for $80, or a 2 Mbps tier with a 450 MB cap for $110 (though there are three month promo discounts).

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Damn those caps are hillarious!

I wonder if they accept some of the million AOL hours I accrued back in the 90's to pay for those caps?
I can even send them a free AOL 2.0 5.25 diskette or AOL 3.0 3.5" Disk, if they are really stingy I think I still might have an AOL CD Coaster!



Re: Damn those caps are hillarious!

LMAO, satellite is like prison just bend over baby.

Flt Rider
Appleton, WI
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Re: Damn those caps are hillarious!

Just remember folks, there are some people who have no other options that satellite access, even here in the US. 3G is spotty, 4G is non-existant, so Exede or Hughes are the only options....

Its the price we pay to live out in the sticks I guess....

The proper way to break in a Harley: Grab a fist full of throttle, and ride it like you stole it!!!


I bet they'd take those little canister things those AOL discs used to came in!!

I saved one of those but I've NEVER touched AOL software!
As hilarious as the caps are, they do offer an unlimited period at night which their main competitor does not.
Expand your moderator at work

Bon Aqua, TN


Why bother sending up more satellites? It will just be heavily capped/throttled anyways. Hell turn the other birds into something else and just let one handle the load.... That or use em for space target practice...

Irwin, PA

Time for the Government to step up!

Look how silly those caps are. I just got a letter from "Crookcast" for using over 250GB of data because I steam my TV shows. The reason I stream is because my Comcast bundle became too expensive. I dropped phone and cable and went to Roku, Netflix, Playon, and Plex media servers on four TV's.

Having explained all that.... We NEED a national broadband system. It would give millions of people access to quality and affordable broadband. It would also put tens of thousands of people to work. This could be done the way the interstate highway system was built in the 50's'. The data caps and data throttling are getting worse and much more expensive. As more people stream video, the providers and carriers tighten their grip... End

Romulus, MI
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Re: Time for the Government to step up!

So you expect the government to make a national broadband system. The same government that spent 300 million on a broadband map that is not even correct. The same government who knows were are in a financial crisis and yet decided they get a raise. Like my dad said yesterday when we were having a similar conversation, the companies split up this country and each took a piece, its grounds for an anti trust law suit. The only thing the government could do is have the DOJ get out the sledge hammer, the same Sledge hammer that originally broke up the phone company and break up all the telecommunication companies to insure competition in the market place.

Look at it this way: The only reason rural areas got phone service is because the "Government" using our tax dollars paid for it. These companies don't give a damn if they cant make money.

Its not like the good old days when we challenged to do better because we had to beat the Soviet Union.
Mr. Donut


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Re: Time for the Government to step up!

I am sure the richest country in existence can afford to build the system, and do it well. Just like we could give everybody free healthcare, as every other civilized country does. The real problem is our government is controlled by large companies that do not want competition. Isn't it sad how greed ruins what could be such a lovely society?
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Re: Time for the Government to step up!

that would realy be a mess to get the governmentin on the internet congress cant even pass a budget from last year ha ha ha ha ha lol
It would also put tens of thousands out of work, cost several $100 billion, and give the NSA their ultimate dream. Plus paying tens of thousands of government employees would mean the system would never break even.

What we need to do is simply put forward some regulations. But that will never happen as long as either a Democrat or Republican is in office. Both parties are too corrupt to get the job done or seemingly any job for that matter.


Nashville, TN

20mbps with a daily 350MB cap? WTF?

It wont matter HOW FAST, and HOW GREAT Hughes Gen 4 is.....because of piss-poor DAILY caps, it wont matter anyway....it will only make users go thru their 350mb a day even faster.........

been there, done it, never again.

united state

New Canadian Reseller Plans

Here's the link to the new tier plans for a Canadian reseller

»[Canadian] 3 mbps for $50.00/month

If they don't provide US Businesses with sufficient bandwidth this time around, let's pray that a Solar Flare or space junk takes there flag ship out of operation!



and of course

As is the case with the Exede12 service, most of the central US won't be serviced by the new satellite, unless that's changed. So slower speeds at the same price. Exede5 service is craptastic in my area, to this day.

I've said it before, a monthly, not daily cap (bigger than currently offered) combined with the free nightly period would be an ideal solution. Especially since no company apparently wants those of us that live in rural areas (such as people that grow your food), to be able to actually do things such as stream Netflix. At least not yet. It would not take much for them to do that. After all these years and with the millions spent, there's no way anyone can tell me that the company can't offer more than they offered for data years ago.



internet speed

The USA is ranked 17th in internet speed even Iceland is infront of us!!!!!!!