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Hulu May Have a $500 Million Suitor
Who'll Immediately Have to Re-Up All Content Licenses
by Karl Bode 08:29AM Monday Apr 08 2013
As noted recently, the Hulu board is looking for buyers for the company's streaming video service -- albeit a buyer who doesn't care that after paying a huge up front sum, they'll have to renegotiate nearly all of the content licenses since they're about to expire. It appears that the board may have found their man, with Reuters reporting that former News Corporation Peter Chernin has bid around $500 million for the company. Follow up reports suggest that the $500 million bid doesn't even include all current programming rights. Hulu has long flailed courtesy of traditional media owners that really didn't want to product to disrupt the traditional pay TV apple cart -- and therefore to truly succeed.

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Limestone, ME

I don't see Hulu lasting much longer at it current pricing.

If hulu is almost a joke when the Content Companies own it, how bad will it be when it becomes a competitor?

Re: I don't see Hulu lasting much longer at it current pricing.

I could see it getting much better actually. The current owners are not willing to do much with Hulu. New owners would be much more willing to license more content and become more competitive with other services.

Limestone, ME
·Pioneer Wireless

Re: I don't see Hulu lasting much longer at it current pricing.

While a new owner would most likely be more ambitious. They have nothing but the platform.

The Content Companies still have control. You think they'll sell rights to competitors who will actually try to compete?

I make and sell widgets.
You buy widgets from me to sell to customers.

How could you ever compete with me, if you make you widget delivery more attractive than mine, I'll just price you out by charging you more, or undercutting you, or I'll restrict your resale rights, or not sell to you at all. Without your own source you don't have a real leg to stand on.

Bedford, MA

Hulu is a dead end

Hulu is never going to be successful. The studios are simply not willing to disrupt the current cash cows on pay TV.

Squire James


Re: Hulu is a dead end

Hulu as it stands now is a dead end. A new buyer might change things enough that it isn't. One of the benefits of being an Evil Corporate Executive is that skilled ones know how to shake things up and figure out how to get a profit out of something that doesn't look profitable (it doesn't always work, but...).

Need for Speed
Winterville, NC


I'd rather see netflix buy hulu and start to offer newer TV content.
What the heck is a GatorKram? »www.gatorkram.com

Limestone, ME

Re: Netflix

And put in all in one freaking place, so users can Pay for ONE THING.

And once content is added, it stays forever.