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Hulu's Pay Model Finally Official
'Hulu Plus': $10 a month for entire show catalogs
by Karl Bode 02:41PM Tuesday Jun 29 2010 Tipped by Ken See Profile
Confirming several months of rumors, Hulu today officially unveiled Hulu Plus. As leaks suggested, Hulu's still keeping their free service -- but users who want to be able to watch an entire season (or past seasons) of a show can pay an additional $10 a month. It also looks like users who shell out the extra money will get TV content in 720p as opposed to the usual 480p. You'll still see ads either way.

Hulu says they're also now supporting Hulu over iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (either over Wi-Fi or 3G) with Playstation 3 support coming next month and Xbox 360 support coming in "early 2011." Hulu offers this "guided tour" for those who have questions. Hulu Plus launches in July, but the company website suggests they're accepting sign ups for an early Hulu preview if that's your cup of tea.

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